Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel: Dry Skin Remedy

Friday, July 31, 2020 Philippines


Ever since the Covid-19 reached our country, I had been more cautious and did hand washing more than the usual specially at work. 

Working in a hospital makes me use the strong and harsh disinfectants like the Lysodex or Sterilium. Even cleaning the desk's surface with Clinelle causes extreme dryness in my hands. 

Skin started to peel and sometimes when its already too deep - it hurts when I wet my skin with water or disinfectant. So, being safe means adding a counterpart problem of dry skin. 

Lotions or creams does not suffice anymore for my the light peeling of my hands maybe because most of these products are made with at least 70% water and it quickly evaporates when coming into contact with the skin so it is already no benefit if you have extreme dry skin like mine. 

Glad to discover this Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel! It is a gel that will replace water with oil, thereby creating a product that is 100% active!

Brand: Bio-Oil

Type: Gel

Weight: 100ml


How To Use: 


Based on the clinical trials made by Bio-Oil, the company is proud to share that it is suitable to be used even with sensitive skin. No subjects who used the products experienced any adverse reactions or skin irritations. In my experience, I did not experience any reactions too. 

Not only that, this product is also non-comedogenic, so it will not cause any additional problems to your skin specially if you want to use it on your face. 

Since it contains mostly of oil in form of gel instead of water, small amount of product will be enough to moisturize your skin. So this bottle will really last a long time! 

The gel helps our skin to be moisturized by making the oil help the skin to hold the moisture in. Because oil does not easily evaporate like water. Bio-Oil also contains 3% water just enough to contain Humecatant that binds the moisture to the outer layer of the skin. 

I tried it out on my dry hands first, see the before and after photo below. In my experience, I like to use it better as spot care instead of applying it to my whole hand because of the oily consistency that leaves residue. 

It was advised not to be used on broken skin so I just use it on the dry parts of my hand that has light skin peeling, thankfully during the time that I tested this, I do not have an open wound from dry skin yet. 

I did not experience any irritation or pain while using Bio-Oil. The gel was able to soothe the dry skin and after a few days of use, it became nourished and moisturized again. No dry skin to be seen, though I also tried helping myself by using Dermclens (milder form of hand disinfectant) disinfectant at work instead of Sterilium. Though I still use Lysodex most of the times as hand soap at work. I still prefer to hand wash than to sanitize with alcohol or disinfectants.   

I also used it on my feet's dry and hard calluses, it helped greatly in softening the skin that I know that if I will follow it up with brushing the calluses, these dry skin will fall off. 


The gel easily leaks out of the bottle, make sure to store your bottle well to avoid any spillage. But I plan to just transfer it to a glass jar if I will have the chance to buy one. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5 (I wish that the packaging will be improved.)

Price: 495php

Where to buy? Online via BeautyMNL and Watsons

To know more about Bio-Oil, you can visit their social media pages here: 




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