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Thursday, November 14, 2019 Philippines


As a full-time working nurse, I seldom have the time to pamper myself. I either spend my time at work or at home - reading, blogging, watching Koreanovelas, or even playing mobile games until I fell asleep. Most of the times, my mind and body is craving for a whole body massage and sometimes I even want to look naturally beautiful with eyelash extensions. 

Ayumi Japan Eyelash is a place where I could have both of these done! Ayumi is the first Filipino owned eyelash extension salon that provides premium Japan-made lashes that are soft and easy to maintain. They have many branches and you can look for the one that is closest to you. The main branch is located at BF Homes Parañaque, Evia Lifestyle Center Las Piñas, Southwoods Mall Biñan, Laguna, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa Laguna, Pacific Regency Tower Malate Manila, Tras-Phil House Makati, Victoria Towers Timog Quezon City, Vista Mall Taguig, Vista Mall Pampanga and Limketkai Mall Cagayan De Oro. 

Now, their newest branch opened at Unimart Greenhills with debut of their spa, House of Resha. That is why I said earlier that I can now have both the massage and eyelash extensions done in one place! 

I was impressed with their massage room! The style of the room is like a massage parlor set-up in a hotel. The ambiance is inviting and cozy. 

Everything is prepared for me, the towels, robe, disposable shorts, and even slippers. 

If you wanted to take a shower before your massage, they have a glass shower enclosure inside the massage room. Not only that, they even have a nice powder area. 

For the body massage, House of Resha used a body oil. A relaxing instrumental music was also being played in the background. The body massage is a real treat for me after the hospital duty the day before. 

After the body massage, the therapist even offered wiping off the excess oil with the use of a warm towel. Now I know the feeling of receiving a type of sponge bath which we always offer at the hospital. ^_^ The body massage costs 600php for the Resha Oil Massage Swedish. 

Finishing the body massage is already soothing that I wanted to sleep but at the same time, I am excited to have my lashes extensions. It is my first time to try it at Ayumi. I heard from my fellow blogger friends that there is no sting from the glue and that the lashes are soft. All of my experience in having an eyelash extensions done have a painful sensation from the glue. Specially when I wet my eyes. 

The staff suggested the Ange Curl 5D lashes for me because my lashes growth is downwards even though it is long. With the Ange Curl 5D, they will curl my lashes with a treatment and heating pad. This process in my estimate took at least 15 minutes. The heat from the pad is comfortable. I did not feel any pain or itchiness from the treatment. 

The application of the lashes took almost an hour. Because I am so relaxed with my massage, I kind of dozed off during the lash application. LOL. Its a good thing that Redgie was able to take photos of the process for me. :)

The end results of my lashes are amazing! Even the process are pain-free. When I opened my eyes, there is no sting at all! I feel like the application of the lashes did not happen at all. Very different from my previous experiences wherein I had to use a portable fan to dry the glue for at least 20 to 30 minutes post application! 

The lashes are lightweight, soft - very natural indeed! You can still choose the length of your lashes, I think they used 12mm on me. The Ange Curl 5D Lashes costs 4,500php. For their other types of lash extensions, you can visit their website for complete price list here

When having your eyelashes extensions done, make sure to take these tips by heart: 

1. Do not wet your eyes at least 5 hours after the application. This is to ensure a complete drying of the glue. In my case, I usually prolong wetting it for more than 5 hours. 
2. For Ayumi, retouch should be done at least within 10 days to maintain its lavish look. 
3. Eyelash extensions tend to clump, make sure to also brush it. 
4. Do not use oil based makeup removers or cleansers. It will decrease the sticking power of the lash glue. 
5. Avoid mascara use if possible, because the lashes will tend to be removed when you try to remove the mascara. 
6. I love sleeping lying down but it is a big no-no when it comes to eyelash extensions. So what I do is that I bought an eye cover that has a space for my eyes. It is available in Shopee and other stores for at least 50php. 

Besides the eyelash extension and massage, House of Resha also offers facial (they do not prick! Yay!) and nail services. Just check out their website. You can also like their Facebook page here, for updates or follow them in Instagram at @ayumi.eyelash. 

Now I cannot wait to go and take a lot of photos because I love my lashes! Make sure to treat yourselves Beauties this Christmas season and try Ayumi Japan Eyelash! 

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