Anastasia Beverly Hills: Contour Cream Kit In Light

Monday, May 27, 2019 Philippines


Contouring is a makeup technique that all of us should learn because doing one in your look will give dimensions. I first appreciated it when I saw how the Kardashians do contouring in their makeup look, specially Kim Kardashian. The final look after everything is blended well looks so much better!

One of the most coveted brands to produce a contour kit is Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia's contour kit comes in two shades, Light and Medium. I purchased the Light shade. In each kit, it comes with three shades of highlighter cream and three shades of sculpting cream. 

Others may find creams harder to use but I did not have a problem using this one. So to read more about this product, proceed to read below. 

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Type: Contour Cream Kit

Shade: Light

Weight: 4.5g each shade

Shades In The Light Palette: 

Product Description: 



Using a cream contour kit, the look lasts longer than using a powder alone. I apply it after or before foundation. After blending well, I usually apply powder over it. 

The packaging is sleek and classic. Since the design is sleek, it is easy to bring along with you when you travel. 

With a full clear cover, I can see the product well. 

The colors have variety so you can choose the best one that will suit your skin tone, since it is cream, you can also try blending two shades together. For me, my skin worked best with the shades Banana and Havana. 


Not readily available in stores in Philippines, you can buy them from re-sellers or online shops. 

No mirror or applicator included in the kit, usually palettes have mirrors on them. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 2790php at Sephora PH, Bought it at @thefabpanda in Instagram for 1400php only. It is a trusted online shop selling authentic makeup and skincare products, the store's stocks comes from US. 

Where to buy? @thefabpanda or Sephora PH. 

This is my first contour cream kit and I am so excited I finally have one that is why I cannot wait to share my reviews with all of you! Thank you so much for visiting my site and take care!

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