Sailor Moon Inspired Makeup Brushes For Sailor Moon Fanatics

Monday, April 8, 2019 Philippines


Imagine my surprise when I opened Rochelle's (of Christmas Gift for me last December 2018, it is none other than the Sailor Moon inspired makeup brushes that you can see online! I think I literally shouted in joy. It was one of the things that I secretly wanted to buy but never bought. I am a fan of Sailor Moon (and other anime too!) that I usually collect cute Sailor Moon merchandise. 

The brush set contains six brushes for brows, eyes and powder. For a cutely designed brushes, it also has a strong and heavy metal handles. 

Whenever I see this in my brush case, I wanted to sing along Sailor Moon's theme. LOL. It lifts up my mood and I enjoy doing my makeup. 

In fairness, the bristles of the brush are soft and it does not fall out! Not bad for a non-branded brushes. I wish they will release more brushes soon that are more applicable for daily use like foundation brush or blush brush. 

I am not sure how much this one costs since I received it as a gift from Rochelle but I think it is available in Shopee. 

I am eyeing the Card Captor Sakura Inspired Brush Set next! 

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