All Natural Brows This Summer With Maybelline's Define and Blend Brow Pen

Friday, April 12, 2019 Philippines


Hello everyone! Can you already feel the summer heat? I refrain from using makeup lately because of the weather but my eyebrows should still be on fleek! That is why we should level up our basic brows by switching from a traditional brow pencil that fails to promise natural looking hair lines into a retractable one that can define and groom our brows just the way we like it. 

Let me introduce with you Maybelline's Define and Blend Brow Pen - the only brow product Maybelline It Girl, Liza Soberano, uses to achieve her naturally defined brows that perfectly frame her face and complement her facial features. 

According to Maybelline It Girl, Liza Soberano, "The Maybelline Define and Blend is perfect for ladies who want to level up their kilay. Reason why I love it so much is because it is easy to use, and it keeps my brows looking natural all day!". She also added, "Even if I have natural looking brows, I feel like my brow game is stronger than ever!"

Our favorite It Girl just shared her secret - it is finally out! Now, you can also achieve well-kept brows like Liza Soberano! The Define and Blend is so user-friendly that you can brush up on your brow skills without breaking a sweat! Perfect for beginners! 

All you have to do is, first, DEFINE - Refresh the way you draw on your brows with the product's unique thin angled tip and smooth gliding, long-lasting formula. It is purposively made thin for easy definition and to fill in sparse areas that will look most natural. 

Next, BLEND - Turn the pen around to reveal the brush or spoolie, which is created with precise bristles to help smudge out any harsh lines and keep the hairs tamed. 

For an affordable price of 249php, Maybelline's Define and Blend comes in 4 shades that complement various hair colors: Grey Brown, Red Brown, Light Brown, and Natural Brown. 

Easy right? Who knew that with just those two quick and easy steps, you can already elevate your brow game like Liza Soberano without it looking overdone? Now, what are you waiting for? Head on over to your favorite Maybelline counter to purchase Maybelline's Define and Blend. For more information about Maybelline's latest offerings, visit and follow their social media accounts. 

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