Everyone Deserves To Smile, Shine, and Sparkle!

Sunday, March 24, 2019 Philippines


In my opinion, living in the time today compared to the period back when I was still young, life is harder. How? Being exposed in gadgets and social media almost all of the time during the day makes us face many insecurities. These insecurities leads us to frown, be dull, and sometimes depressed. 

Back in the days, people could enjoy more by playing, having fun and conversations to other people personally. In simpler terms, people are more attached to one another and truly interacting. The feeling of security to your family and friends gives you the confidence to smile, shine, and sparkle. Without these positive feeling of security to uplift your spirits plus seeing a lot of things in social media that could lead to envy, it makes most people feel miserable deep inside. So being carefree nowadays is harder to achieve and yet each and every one of us deserves to smile, shine, and sparkle. Do you agree? 

That is why as a Blogger, I also wanted to reach out to everyone that we should be able to enjoy life, be radiant and of course sparkle like a star! Own it Beauties! 

SM Marikina and its partnered brands also wanted to impart this drive of empowering women. Last March 23, 2019, at SM Marikina's Atrium, they held a small event of Glitter City Fashion Party wherein empowered women gathered. It is a day to remind women to feel empowered, to enjoy life and just smile, shine, and sparkle!

The event started with a makeup tutorial for an everyday look up to a party night look shared by a Maybelline Makeup Artist. I learned new tips and tricks with the makeup tutorial. For example, when using blush and eye shadows, wear lighter shades during the day to make it more natural. After the tutorial, a professional model also shared her experiences in achieving her dream. 

If you will visit the SM Marikina Atrium, it is filled with a lot of "Instagrammable" spots! Me and Michelle of www.rockstarmomma.com definitely enjoyed taking pictures...quite a lot! LOL. 

Our favorite makeup brands are also available for purchases like BLK, Vice Cosmetics, and Maybelline. 

An area full of glittery wall and foils have special gifts from SM and its partnered brands. Scan the codes and you might get something lucky for a prize! It is just another treat to keep all of us smiling! 

Photo image courtesy to SM Marikina

Always remember, even on a bad day...just smile, shine, and sparkle Beauties! You deserve to be happy and appreciated! Hugs!

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