Rochelle's Disney Party 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Philippines

Photo Image Courtesy of r0ckstarmomma


My fellow blogger babes, Rochelle Rivera of celebrated her birthday as Princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast. The day was magical and truly like a royal one from the guests up to the activities throughout the afternoon. The venue was located at Bleu Hotel Pasig last September 16, 2018. 

I was delighted to find that almost all came prepared and wore their own Disney Princesses costumes. It was like being transported in a different dimension wherein all are princesses and magical. 

Of course, I came prepared as well. Wearing my Elsa (from Disney Movie Frozen) costume (bought at Pretty Duchess) and my Elsa wig (from Lucky Doll Store), all I need is the confidence to rock it and my makeup. 

In reality, before the party, I was so scared that I will not be able to copy Elsa's makeup. I realized that I do not own any colorful eye shadows! I panicked and after rummaging through my stash, I found two shades of violet and I feel kind of relieved. Still, I lack a pink eyes shadow to complete the look. It took me two hours to complete the flawless makeup. (Let me know if you want me to share a blog post about what makeup products I used by commenting below and if you would like me to do a short video.)


Rochelle also invited my boyfriend (Redgie) and our friend Jing of to attend her royal celebration. 

Each table has its own designated Princess title, in my case, I was assigned to Ariel's table. There are Kisses chocolates, Disney Princess inspired pastillas, and Absolute Disney Water bottle per guest. 

Rochelle likes Potato Corner and Barako Frappe, that is why even though it was not sponsored, there were food stubs given for you to avail one. Of course, Redgie and I chose our favorite sour cream and Jing chose the Barbecue. For the Barako Frappe, random flavors were given and I got the Leche Flan variant. 

Keisha, Kaye's (Fellow Blogger Babes of daughter performed the song How Far I'll Go by Moana as an opening act. 

The party started with Rochelle's entrance with her whole family with the background song of Beauty and the Beast playing. It officially started by opening prayer and blowing the candles of her cute birthday cake. However, one of the highlights for me is Rochelle's surprise to other September celebrants who attended her birthday. She surprised them with gifts and balloons. Rochelle's thoughtfulness will never fail to amaze me. 

Of course, a lot of games and prizes were done and given away throughout the afternoon. But the much awaited segment of the night is the Pageant of best in costume. It was so much fun to see that all of them were so into it. I love seeing them in makeups and in costumes! Glad to meet most of Rochelle's guests during this time. It is definitely a night of bonding for us girls! 

Congratulations to Marie SanLuis of @mamaneesnest for winning the best in costume as she portrayed Rapunzel. 

I enjoyed so much in watching that I forgot to take a video of the pageant. Sorry Beauties! 

Finally, I was reunited with my sister Anna! LOL...kidding, I just saw Roxane again during the birthday celebration! (Nice to see you again Sis!) 

I also met little Anna AKA Maia - Michelle's (Fellow blogger babes of daughter.

Photo Image Courtesy of r0ckstarmomma

Kaycee (fellow Blogger Babes of, came with her boyfriend, Ryan Rems. Redgie was happy to see him and was able to take a picture with him. (Thanks Kaycee and Ryan!)

The hosts throughout the night are Kaycee and Gen-zel (Also fellow Blogger Babes of 

All of this happened - the bonding, gifts, good food - all thanks to Rochelle, her family, and her sponsors! Happy birthday sister and my wish for you is that I wish that all of your dreams and hopes will come true - and soon! I love you! 

Photo Image Courtesy of r0ckstarmomma

The list of Rochelle's sponsors are: 
Porky Pit
Absolute Distilled Water
Crystalderm Skincare
Wacoal Mood
Eussential Travel Corporation
Raloy's Lutong Bahay
Ghie Life
Aira Bianca
i55 Talent House Corporation
Kevler Professional
Taste of Ange
Sweets by Ellie

Of course, the night will not be complete without a complete Blogger Babes photo! Have you seen our costumes? 

Me as Elsa (Frozen)
Michelle as Snow White (Snow White)
Kaycee as Jasmine (Aladdin)
Rochelle as Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Gen-zel as Rapunzel (Rapunzel)
Kaye as Mulan (Mulan)

Photo Image Courtesy of r0ckstarmomma

Would you like to meet all of us again soon this December? How about a Blogger Babes Xmas Meet Part 2?! Yes?! Give us a shout out! 

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