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Hello everyone! I am back with a review of a product that calls to Filipinos who are fans of Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub. Maine is known for her dubsmash videos when it went viral. Then she was discovered by Eat Bulaga wherein she got the title, Yaya Dub for Eat Bulaga's Kalyesere. Honestly, I do not regularly watch her but from my friends and co-workers, I often heard about her rise to fame as a comedian. 

Now famous in the Philippines and can be seen on most billboards, ads, and commercials - her latest trending collaboration is with MAC Cosmetics. She is the second Filipino to be featured in MAC. Though many of you may have noticed some news releases that Maine is the first Filipino to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics but she is not. The first one is Patrick Starr, he is a Filipino Youtuber who grew up in United States. 

Like everybody else, when a teaser was released from both MAC Cosmetics and Maine Mendoza with the collaboration, I was expecting that a red lipstick would be created. Why? Because Maine's character Yaya Dub is famous for her trademark red lips. To my surprise, a nude lipstick came out instead! (And you all know that I am a goner when it comes to nude lipsticks!)

I was disappointed at first when I had long waited for its release in Lazada but I was unsuccessful with the purchase. I cannot perfectly time the refill of stocks! Whenever I try to click it, upon check out, it comes as zero. Thankfully, there are a lot of stocks in the nearest branch to me, hence, Redgie was able to get me one! Yay! (5 stars for Redgie for always treating me with my obsession with lipsticks!!!)

So, as requested by my readers and followers for swatches and review, I will now be sharing it, just continue to read below. 

The box is full with Maine's lip stain marks and the box has her signature. 

Brand: MAC

Type: Matte Lipstick

Edition: Limited

Weight: 3g

Shade: @Mainedcm

Product Description: Muted Peach Beige



Since I am fair-skinned, this shade @mainedcm can pass for a MLBB lipstick. It looks flattering for my skin tone. 

Maine Mendoza answered the question regarding the shade of choice because Yaya Dub is known for her red lips while as Maine, her true self. She wanted something natural and a shade that can be worn by anybody. The name was inspired from her Instagram handle. I wish my blog could also one day be known as that! 

For a matte lipstick, it is easy to glide over the lips. It did not settled on my lip lines. 

Lasting power is decent from 4 to 6 hours. Turns uneven after eating heavy meals though it is not that noticeable with its lip-like color. 

The lipstick does not leave a stain. Amazingly, it is almost transfer-free. I noticed minimal transfers on my cups and utensils used. 

This shade has a lot of similarities from other MAC lipsticks or brands. However, I decided to buy one because I wanted to support our own Filipina collaboration with MAC and as I had written in my opening, I am a goner when it comes to nude lipsticks. 

I do not own a Velvet Teddy from MAC yet but they say that it is a great dupe. (I wish I could have the Velvet Teddy soon!) However, I compared it with my own MAC nude lipsticks as well as my Maybelline Nudes. You can check out the comparison in my Instagram story. (My IG handle is @allaboutbeauty101ph) 

For me, if compared to the stocks that I currently have, it is similar to the limited edition Enchanted One by MAC though @mainedcm is lighter. Kinda Sexy can pass as a dupe though Kinda Sexy is pinker in nature. For Maybelline, it is similar to Clay Crush and Nude Embrace. The shade Daringly Nude is similar but pinker than @mainedcm. 



Even though Maine designed this lipstick for a Filipina's skintone, it has some flaws. The lipstick color is too pale for golden skin-toned (morena). 

It settles on the dry patches of my lips. Some of the deeper lip lines of my lips were not reached by the lipstick with the usual swiping application. 


Buy again? 90% 

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 1,100php

Where to buy? I asked the stores and they said that they will restock this Friday (September 28, 2018). If not, you can check out online resellers though it is more expensive. 

What do you think of Maine's lipstick? Share your thoughts on the comment section below! 

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