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Friday, August 24, 2018 Philippines


When it comes to Japanese Restaurants, my number one choice will always be Tokyo Tokyo. Even then, my family and I usually eat here as it is the number one and pioneer Japanese restaurant chain in the Philippines. I usually visit their Flagship Store at Trinoma but a few months ago, I got disappointed that the store was closed for a renovation. So I had to go to SM North when I am craving for it. 

The wait is finally over and definitely worth the wait as it officially opened this August with unveiling of its thematic campaign, #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo and an all-new young and fresh look for its restaurants (Soon for the other branches!). The unveiled new contemporary look and feel is fresh and vibrant. Both the interior and exterior design were changed to improve the overall dining experience of their Filipino customers. 

As shared by Ms. Natalie Perez, Tokyo Tokyo's Vice President for Marketing, "From its inception, Tokyo Tokyo has always been a pioneer in masterfully integrating traditional and modern Japanese elements to create signature meals that satisfy the taste of every Filipino, elevating their dining experiences to a whole new level.". Ms. Perez also added, "With more than 60 store locations nationwide and counting, our goal is to eventually have every Tokyo Tokyo restaurant redesigned to match the fresh, new look. It all comes together under Tokyo Tokyo's brand campaign this year called 'Take Me To Tokyo Tokyo'".

The all-new Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma store cannot be missed even from afar as it looks a whole lot brighter than the typical Tokyo Tokyo store. The place is now perfect for "selfies" because the ambiance is inviting and bright! The new look and feel was conceptualized and meticulously brought to life by renowned and multi-awarded Architect and Interior Designer, James JJ Acuna of JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio. Mr. JJ Acuna shared, "This new concept can be seen as a next generation version of Tokyo Tokyo. It perfectly represents the modernization of the brand, while still honoring its Japanese inspirations in a big way.". He also added, "The store look and feel is romanticized through intricate design details and elements which hark back to the iconic street food culture of Japan.".

I love the modern-looking shopfront facade of Tokyo Tokyo Tirnoma and they took the inspiration from Japanese Fusama Screens and the pop-neo-anime culture of Japan Streets, complete with a street-style dining stall reminiscent of Japan's distinct food stalls. Stepping into the new store, the main areas allow customers to dine and bask against a contemporary space that is uniquely Tokyo Tokyo.

The central service area is wide open and welcoming, allowing large crowds of Filipino families and barkadas to directly approach the sophisticated white granite counter and view the Shoji-style bulkhead menu board. The main dining area called the Chef's Kitchen Dining Room is bounded by a bar counter which views into the Master's Open Kitchen - another unique store feature for diners to watch and enjoy the skillful preparation of their dishes. 

Two large dining rooms can be distinctively seen in-store. The look of the Garden Room located near the central service area evokes Japanese teahouse architecture in which the home's structure perfectly frames courtyard views. This majestic view was iterated in Tokyo Tokyo's Garden Room with a brush art-on-vinyl mural inspired by the Fusama Painting Culture. The same mural design concept also adorns the walls of the enclosed Tatami Room, which is cladded in a warm timber texture that reflects the raw nature of the Tatami material, making this serene space perfect for private dining. 

"Tokyo Tokyo is incredibly dedicated in giving its customers high-quality Japanese food and memorable dining experiences as much as we can," added Ms. Perez. "And we are not stopping with the new look of our store. In line with out brand campaign, 'Take Me To Tokyo Tokyo' and new store look unveiling, we are launching an exciting social promo called 'A Shot To Tokyo'!".

In a fun and simple Facebook and Instagram photo contest running from August 29 to October 30, 2018, one lucky customer, plus one chosen companion, get a shot to win an all-expenses paid trip to the ultimate sensory wonderland that inspired the birth of Tokyo Tokyo Philippines - Tokyo, Japan!

For more details, follow Tokyo Tokyo today on Facebook at /TokyoTokyoPhilippines and @TokyoTokyoPhilippines on Instagram. 

Wait! It is not yet over since Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma also offers exclusive food items only available in their branch! 


My favorite among these exclusive offers is the Tempura Dragon Maki. You know me, I love anything shrimp but this classic Prawn Tempura wrapped in a traditional sushi roll, drizzled with cheese sauce, Japanese mayo and unagi sauce makes it more unique. It is also topped off and sprinkled with Togarashi Powder and Tempura crumbs. Yum!


My next favorite is the Crazy Kani Maki. It is a classic California Maki Roll coated with black sesame seeds, plus a generous topping of kani salad with ebiko and tempura crumbs. 

A healthier choice is now available with Chicken Teriyaki Salad. With only the best Chicken Teriyaki Fillet on top of a bed of fresh mixed greens, shredded veggies, corn and nitamago egg on the side, and complimented with a roasted sesame dressing. 


Looking for something sweet? Try their Waffle Bowl Sundaes! While I am doing this blog post, I am already craving for the Turtle Sundae. There are also two other flavors, the Triple Caramel and Strawberry Mango. All these three flavors are served with premium and creamy soft serve sundaes in an edible waffle cone, which gives exciting flavors and textures. A feast for the eyes and a feast for the tummy indeed! 


Besides the usual signature Red Iced Tea, you can now quench your thirst with the new Tokyo Tokyo slushies, which comes in two exciting flavors - Red Iced Tea Slush and Matcha Green Tea Slush! Both specialty drinks promise to give you a cool and refreshing feel! 

Far from Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma Store? Try the new exciting food items that are available in all branches. Start with Wagyu Cubes Bento Box (It is a must-try!) that were grilled to perfection and glazed with smoky unagi sauce to give you the perfect balance of flavors. These three perfectly grilled sticks comes in Tokyo Tokyo's famous and familiar bento meal, served with vegetable misono and unlimited rice. 


The Black Garlic Ramen is also available in all branches. It is an innovative element - the black garlic oil which gives the dish its color and strong garlic flavor that will hit the spot when rain comes pouring down. The ramen also includes premium quality ingredients such as freshly made ramen toppings that include sliced pork chashu, nitamago egg, rayo oil, nori, and onion leeks - topped off with tonkotsu broth that was slowly cooked for 24 hours! 

What are you waiting for? Experience the goodness and do not forget to join the contest because you might be the lucky one to go to Tokyo, Japan - for real!

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