Have A Good Hair Day This Summer With Cream Silk Fresh Hydration!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Philippines


Summer is here! I can definitely feel the sultry weather even when I am indoors. How about you? Though this may be one of the favorite seasons of the year by most people, it also has some downs. For instance, it is the time of the year that we are most at risk of being dehydrated, getting our skin sun-burned, and most importantly exposing our hair to being damaged and dry from the blazing heat of the sun. 

Water is helpful in making sure we stay hydrated. Sunblocks were invented to protect us from the sun and avoid sunburns. The big question now is how about our hair? There are certain products that we can apply to help it be protected from the sun but neither made my hair feel any fresh nor hydrated. There are treatments that we can have done in salons to moisturize our hair but it is not that economic specially when you wanted to save some money. Right?

One of the reasons why I do not like walking around under the heat of the sun is because I am afraid my hair will not smell as fresh as it should be. Usually I do not want to ride non-airconditioned public vehicles specially when I am headed for work. Can you imagine the scent of pollutants sticking to your hair and the messy tangled hair strands that are hard to comb? Ugh, I always wanted to avoid that feeling!

Starting this March though, I can have a good hair day this summer with the NEW and LIMITED EDITION Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Hair Reborn Conditioner! Specially created for this summer season, Cream Silk unveils every Modern Filipina's choice for this summer as it was designed to specifically combat summer-dryness to keep our hair fresh and hydrated without the greasy feel for up to 24 hours!

Even before I started blogging, I am a Cream Silk Conditioner user (And I already posted reviews about their different variants years ago here in my blog!) because I trust that Cream Silk is the country's leading hair care brand. 

My confession though is I usually skip using conditioner when I know that I have a long day ahead because my hair tends to be greasy after a long day exposed outside when I use conditioner. So I usually use conditioner in my shower before sleeping. LOL. 

Since this conditioner is a LIMITED EDITION from Cream Silk, I wanted to share its wonders as soon as possible! Without too much chit-chat, I want to proceed with the details, so come on Beauties! 

Brand: Cream Silk

Edition: Limited

Type: Fresh Hydration Hair Reborn Conditioner

Weight: Available in both 170ml and 340ml

Product Description: 



The conditioner has customized formulas with nutrients that can penetrate and nourish every hair strand. Fresh hydration with Hydra-Collagen Complex was used to make summer-dry hair feel fresh and hydrated. 

Two days of use and I am already in love with this conditioner! No kidding! The formula smells fresh and floral that lasted even more than 24 hours in my case. Last night, I went to Solaire to watch Lion King and I was exposed to the smoking filled scent of the Casino and Food Court for dinner. The smoke of cigar and cooking food from restaurants that usually sticks to my hair were avoided. It did not cling to my hair at all! My goodness, imagine how awesome was that! I love the feeling of staying fresh without any greasiness after a whole and long day! I think I just found my holy grail this summer!

Not only that it was able to make my hair stay fresh, it also felt smooth and soft! It is easier to comb and my hair is tangle-free. 

My usual wavy hair seems to look straighter with the use of this conditioner. I noticed it after it air-dried. 

Why is it a limited edition? (Insert crying!) I wish that Cream Silk would make it permanent specially since it is always sunny and humid in the Philippines. If not, at least make it available during summer times! (So I could hoard...LOL!)

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5


109php for 170ml  
197.50php for 340ml

Where to buy? Leading supermarkets. 

Hurry now if you wanted to try it! Keep the "Summer Hairdration" happen! 

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