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Monday, January 15, 2018 Philippines


The schedule of "Night-Off-Morning" to nurses means you will be on duty for the night, go home and sleep then go back to work early in the morning the next day. Meaning, getting rest for at least less than 24 hours and not being able to enjoy your rest day because you will spend it sleeping instead. I hate this schedule the most because it disrupts my circadian rhythm but it cannot be avoided due to lack of staff nurses. I know that many nurses will relate to this but it is the reality. Under staffing means the rotation of shifts will not be followed anymore because each person on duty is needed to be maximized. 

To help my body cope with the disrupted circadian rhythm, I have to at least stimulate sleepiness when needed. How can you sleep when you are used to being awake in the morning but you have to sleep? How about when you are used to being awake at night then you need to sleep because you will be working early the next day? These are some of the common downfalls in being a nurse, to help my body cope, I learned to use blackout curtains to make any sunny day look like night. 

Sometimes though, the environment is not enough. My body is still awake and alert! Thank goodness that some brands now offer products that will help you sleep without the need for taking supplements like sleeping pills. One of the first brands to release products that helps you sleep is Bath and Body Works. 

Bath and Body Works have a body lotion (also available in body wash) in Sleep variants. It just differs on scents but still has the same goals. For me, since I am not a fan of too much sweetness, I bought the Sleep Lavender Vanilla Body Lotion. 

Do you want to know if it really works? Let us find out!

Brand: Bath and Body Works

Variant: Sleep Body Lotion

Scent: Lavender Vanilla

Weight: 192ml

Product Description: 



There is no scientific claims that Bath and Body Works Sleep Body Lotion will really help you sleep but one of its ingredients, lavender - is known to help you body feel relaxed. It is also one of the common scents being used in spas because of its soothing fragrance. Studies showed that lavender increases the slow-wave sleep which means it helps in slowing down the nervous system that will make your overall body feel relaxed. 

The Vanilla's scent is calming and soothing to the brain and when it reaches our senses it can induce sleepiness. With its combination with Lavender, I am sure that in a way it will really help!

I am happy that for a body lotion containing vanilla, the scent is not that sweet. I feel like I am getting dizzy whenever there is too much sweetness on the products that I use. 

The bottles is glass-like and slim. For a precaution, I do not store it in high places. 

It has a slight cooling sensation upon application. The lotion is not sticky nor greasy to skin. My skin was able to absorb it quickly. 

I monitored its effect on my body from the time of application. I noticed that I started to frequently yawn after 15 minutes of application. Of course, help your body to, if you already started to feeling sleepy, do not do anything to prevent it like browsing your social media accounts! Then, after 30 minutes of application, my eyes started getting heavy. In my estimation, I was asleep in at least one hour after application.


For moisture though, the lotion is not that moisturizing. If you want a better coverage for that, use your usual body lotion for moisturizing then apply this over it. For me, I do not use this Sleep all over my body, I just use it on my arms and hands wherein I can smell it the most. 

I wish that Bath and Body Works is readily available in Philippines but for now, you can buy their goods from online sellers. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 500php

Where to buy? I bought it from an online shop. 

I will be featuring the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion next so stay posted! That's all and thank you for reading my review Beauties! Take care!

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