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Friday, November 24, 2017 Philippines


What comes into your mind when someone says the word - beauty? For sure, it can mean a lot of things, it can be something that is superficial or something skin deep that cannot be easily be described. Like for me, beauty blogging is my source of happiness and challenge in life that I am sure contributes to a big part of me. Being able to help people choose the right makeup and skincare and helping them through advises gives me a purpose in life. How about if that beauty can help people who are less fortunate to have a better life? 

Here comes the reason for L'Oreal's Beauty For A Better Life. It is a campaign by L'Oreal Foundation to give an international, high-quality and tuition-free training program for careers in the beauty industry for people who are less fortunate. Beauty For A Better Life is a global partnership  with a long-term commitment as they started from other countries and it now reached our country, Philippines. The first community that the L'Oreal adopted in our country is Barangay Sto. NiƱo in Marikina City. The training will only be for 3 months then they will have an internship in partner salons before they graduate. 

I met the second batch of trainees and I am so happy to meet and chat with them. I learned that most of them does not have a job. The women includes young and middle-aged group so I know that L'Oreal accommodates everybody who wants to learn! 

Essentially, the program started by coordinating with the Barangay chosen and the slots for each training will be opened to all residents residing in the said Barangay. The training will be done by batches for one year. After attending seminars and training, they will be trained in salons who are in partnership with the campaign. 

This is where I come in, I got invited to be part of their training. I will be having a hair treatment done by the trainees and I am so honored to be part of it. The partner salon - Aura Salon is located at Katipunan, I love the salon's ambience and cleanliness. It has a homey feel that made me feel instantly relaxed!  

For a short video of the hair treatment called L'Oreal Promix Color (to enhance shine and brighten the color of my hair) and how the trainees helped me have a healthier hair, watch it below: 

Look how my hair improved (a lot!) with my before and after photos! The L'Oreal Promix Color was able to soften my hair and it surely shined compared to the dullness before. Last, the color of my hair brightened and looked more blonde! (I feel like I will be doing this treatment more often now!)

I will not be able to attend your graduation rites next week (because I have work...sad...) but I am so proud and happy to meet all of you. I love it when women feel empowered. Once they graduate, they can now start their own business or work in salons because L'Oreal will also assist them to be TESDA-accredited! Not only that, L'Oreal will give them a starter kit if they want to start doing home services!

Thank you so much L'Oreal for this wonderful campaign, I can see how it helped these women have a career in the beauty industry. I can observe their excitement and eagerness to learn. I want to congratulate all the 2nd batch of trainees in advance and I wish you more success! 

Of course, thank you to Aura Salon and L'Oreal for this opportunity and Cathy for being my "Blogger Jowa" of the day. Love you! :) 

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