Rochelle's Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party

Sunday, September 24, 2017 Philippines


Rochelle Rivera of just celebrated her birthday with me and Michelle (We miss you Kaye!) at Under The Sea Cafe but she held a more formal party for her followers and fellow blogger friends at Vanilla Bakery Cafe near the ABS-CBN branch. 

Rochelle is one of the first friend that I made when I entered the blogging industry. She helped me a lot on how to improve my blog and has been a supportive friend personally (through laughter and sadness) ever since. I am so thankful for having a friend like her. 

Of course, one way to support her is making sure that her birthday party will be a successful one. Rochelle is looking forward for her first meet and greet, that is why she put everything on it. From her money and to all of the effort. 

To make it more fun and exciting, a Unicorn-themed party was chosen. Rochelle made it possible to have a fun-filled afternoon. Even her birthday cake is a unicorn, how cute!

Everything is customized including the packaging of the give-away both for her followers and fellow bloggers!

It is nice to see that her friends and followers enjoyed the party and even came in their Unicorn costumes!

Party will not be complete without any games and it started with challenging my brain. LOL. I hate Math even back then and I was shocked to be faced with numbers again! Haha! (Even Captain Levi thinks he is allergic to Math!)

One of the things that I love about parties is that, it means a reunion with my friends! I am so excited to see all of them again!

This is the best birthday party that I attended lately and I even got a Rainbow Unicorn Powerbank for a souvenir! Thank you so much Rochelle!

Watch my video coverage for Rochelle's birthday here: 

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