Bucket List & Wishlist Before I Turn 32

Thursday, September 21, 2017 Philippines


I am turning 30 years old this November and I realized that I wanted so  much more in life! It just hit me that I am leaving the "calendar age" soon and it feels surreal! I am dreading it actually. With my career as a nurse in the Philippines, it did not help much in crossing out my bucket list. 

Expect that I will not be posting much on my blog for now because I will also be focusing on my review to take an international nursing board exam and crossing out this bucket list and wish list. (Wish me luck!) Before I do this though, I wanted to make this list of things that I want to accomplish before I turn 32 to serve as an inspiration and so that I could monitor if I am able to bridge it. 

I will edit this post for every task done and I hope that I will be able to complete this before I turn 32 years old! 

Help me complete it? :)

Bucket List: 

1. Try anti-gravity yoga at least once!
2. Learn to drive.
3. Enroll in a professional makeup school.
4. Study a new language.
5. Learn self defense skills. 
6. Master one recipe per type of cuisine. 
7. Start a small business handmade by me. 
8. Learn to sew clothes. (It is my dream to make my own clothes designed for plus size.)
9. Major in Nursing.
10. Lose weight and workout regularly and be able to correct my BMI before I hit 32.
11. Travel to Japan!
12. Read at least 150 books.
13. Master shooting a gun. (I already did this before but I wanted to be an expert!)
14. Watch Lion King on 2018!
15. Go to Yexel Museum and sit on the Iron Throne! (With picture and cosplay of course!)

Wish List: 

1. Ring Light
2. Printer (Please, namumulubi na ko kaka print sa labas for reviewers and paperworks!)
3. Game Of Thrones Books (I love reading books and this is one of my favorites and always has been in my wish list even though I already have the ebook copies.)
4. Sewing Machine
5. Camera for vlogging. 
6. Soft Box
7. New phone with great camera
8. Mixer (For baking)
9. Game Of Thrones Original DVDs (LOL...)
10. Instax!

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