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Monday, August 14, 2017 Philippines


Maybelline New York Lip Studio shares with us their latest addition that defines your own lip statement, the new and intense, Color Jolt Matte! The Maybelline Color Jolt reminds me of oil and acrylic paint tubes and I am already attracted in using it. I love painting specially when I do it on my face, that is one of the reasons why I love applying makeup everyday! It is like doing a piece of art daily! 

The weather is wet and dreary lately but do not let it dampen your mood so lighten up and intensify your look with the latest collection, Maybelline Color Jolt Matte! 

Maybelline, the world's number 1 makeup brand shows how a jolt of color in matte finish can make a huge difference for a fiercer look. These babies are packed with 3x more pigments that allows you to get an intense lip color in just a New York minute...yup, that fast!

The lipstick has a flocked tip for easier and precise application and it is the perfect way for busy people like us Filipinos who are always on-the-go!

It is easy to use and you can apply it in two ways: 

First, Allow for a clean, effortless, and intense application using the precision tip applicator. 

Second, Add more intensity by adding a second coat in the same color or add a second coat in a different color for a more personalized look. 

Amazing, right? It is like a real painting tubes, only that your canvas is your lips! You can do an ombre look or create a unique shade with your own choices of color combinations! 

Check out my swatches below and see what combinations pf shades you would like to combine: 

Discover lip artistry with Maybelline's Color Jolt Matte and create your own lipstick statement to flaunt this season! 

With 8 shades to choose from:
1 - Don't Pink With Me
2- Bittersweet Mandarin
3 - Baby Mauve
4 - Show Off Nude
5 - You Red Me
6 - Vamp Red
7 - Vanity Violet
8 - Flaunting My Pink

Grab your Color Jolt Matte at and at Maybelline Counters nationwide for only 299php and paint it matte! 

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