Cathy Doll: Liquid Lip Matte In Moss Rose (7)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Philippines


Second to the last Cathy Doll Liquid Lip Matte Lipstick that I have which I am about to review. This Cathy Doll's Moss Rose Liquid Lip Matte Lipstick looks dark but when applied, the look is pinkish nude! 

Let us check it out!

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: Liquid Lip Matte

Shade: Moss Rose (7)

Product Description and Ingredients: 



I am sure that this shade will look great on anyone and if you are scared to buy nude lipsticks, this is the safest choice I could recommend. Why? It is because it is the kind of nude lipstick that will not make you look pale. In addition to that, it has a pinkish hue. 

This color is one of my favorites and it is a good choice to wear everyday even at work! 

The Moss Rose did not settle on my lip lines nor build up on dry patches of my lips. Yay!

It lasts long for about six to eight hours without the need for a touch-ups. It lightens after eating heavy meals but since it is nude, it is not that noticeable. 

Affordable for only 399php!

It comes with an applicator that is easy to use and gives a precise application. 


It slightly enhances the lip lines of my lips. The lipstick feels a little warm and drying but expected for matte lipsticks. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 399php

Where to buy?

Thank you for visiting my blog beauties! Stay posted for the last Cathy Doll Liquid Lipstick that I have. 

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