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Friday, June 23, 2017 Philippines


Others may have underestimated the power and importance of using a loose powder in their makeup routine. The use of loose powder in your makeup routine is vital when you use a liquid foundation specially on a daily basis. I can breakdown its importance in three points. First, it will set the makeup on your skin making your makeup last longer. Second, its fine powder will settle into lines and wrinkles better than a pressed powder. Last, it decreases the effect of oily skin because loose powders contain lesser oil. 

There are a lot of brands that offers loose powder but for this post, I would like to share my thoughts about Features and Shades Loose Powder in Light.

Features and Shades Loose Powder is available in two shades, the one that I used and worked in my skin tone was the shade Light. Choosing the right shade when it comes to loose powders is easier because most of the times, it looked translucent unlike with the pressed powders.

Each Features and Shades Loose Powder contains 20g of powder. I was amazed that it comes with a retractable soft brush that can be easily detached and snapped from the compact’s cap. This way, its easier to use and bring when travelling. The loose powder was protected with a clear sticker to avoid spillage of the powder.

The powder is fine and weightless that creates a natural matte finish to your skin. The powder has a smooth and velvet-like texture that is gentle to the skin.


Since the loose powder is usually used to set the makeup, the coverage can only cover light blemishes or discolorations. The color of the Features and Shades Loose Powder in Light blended well into my skin. Its translucent that it looks like I did not put anything on my face but somehow I knew that my makeup looked better with it. 

Its easy to use with the retractable brush included but I find that its easier to be applied with a Kabuki Brush. Nevertheless, both ways are great to use that even newbies to makeup application can easily learn how to use it. 

I prefer using it over my liquid foundation because it was able to minimize the cakey look of the foundation. My skin looked smoother and more flawless. It can be used alone to decrease oil and for a little coverage but its best used over foundation whether liquid, powder or cream. 

There are other ways to use the Features and Shades Loose Powder besides the obvious use of using it to set the makeup foundation. It does not only set your foundation but you can also use it to set your concealer. 

You can also use it over your lipstick to make it last longer. It does not affect the color pigmentation of your lipstick because its translucent. 

The Features and Shades Loose Powder in Light worked for me as a setting powder for both my foundation and concealer. It was able to make my makeup last longer and looked more flawless without the cakey look. The loose powder feels light on my skin and I love its velvet-like texture that makes my skin feel smoother without any greasy effect. But I was able to control the application better with the use of Kabuki Brush instead of the included retractable brush. 

Upon application, if you will look in my before and after photo, the powder was able to set my makeup nicely. It was able to balance the uneven skin color and it was able to make my makeup looked more natural.

Overall, I am happy with my experience and its affordable for only 599php per 20g container. I can recommend it to people using foundation specially on a daily basis. It does not matter what kind of foundation you use as long as its a foundation. If you have oily skin, this product may work for you because its matte and it does not product oil as much as the other makeup powders available. 

See the article posted at BDJ Box at https://bdjbox.com/features-shades-loose-powder-review.

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