Cathy Doll Philippines Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary + New Products

Thursday, June 15, 2017 Philippines


Its surreal! I feel like it was just yesterday when I received an invitation for a product launch of a cosmetic and skin care product but the truth is it has been a year already since Cathy Doll launched their products here in our country straight from Thailand. 

I would love to go the event and celebrate with the team of Cathy Doll but unfortunately, I was not able to attend Cathy Doll's first year anniversary celebration because I was sick with Acute Exudative Tonsillopharyngitis and during that time, my fever was so high even with antibiotics that the doctor even started ruling out Dengue Fever because of my high fever and petechial rashes. Thankfully, I do not have Dengue Fever and the rashes were caused by my the consistent high fever for almost a week. 

Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Nikki Tiu, Karmart and LifeStrong Marketing, Inc. (The companies behind Cathy Doll's franchise in Philippines.), they still sent me the new products at home. I was thrilled when I got it and saw the new amazing products that I cannot wait to share with you from their Nude Me Collection

The Nude Me Collection includes the Liquid Lip Matte, Sculpting Highlight and Shading Cushion, Eyeshadow Palettes, and Eyebrow Mascara. 

Of course, expect a detailed review to be posted by me! For now, check out the branches of Cathy Doll stores for your reference: 

To know more about Cathy Doll, you can also like their Facebook page here and in Instagram at @cathydollphils.. 

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