7 Chic Gift Ideas For Your Mother

Friday, May 12, 2017 Philippines


Hello everyone! The month of May was highlighted for mothers as we celebrate Mother's Day during this month. Since the time of Ancient Romans and Greeks, there were festivals being celebrated to praise maternal goddesses. From then on, the celebration evolved but it still has the same essence every time, its for us to be thankful to our mothers and feel blessed. 

Why not show how thankful and blessed you are to your mother, wife or sister by giving special gifts. I just discovered this Polyvore app (follow me at allaboutbeauty101 in Polyvore) and I just combined a great set of clothes, accessories and makeup that you can put together for that special person in your life. 

Fret not, the set of clothes and accessories that can be found in the App were sure luxurious and not readily available but I will recommend something similar that are more affordable and easy to find here in the Philippines. 

1. Bag with Twillies

An Hermes Leather Bag with Twillies are a dream for me but the price is not feasible for everyone. The bag alone costs 872,025php and add the Hermes Twillies for at least 24,000php. (Me = drooling and crying)

You can always copy the look and still look fashionable. Like what I did to mine. I bought a leather bag that is Marikina made for only 450php and I added some twillies around the handles to make it standout. I got the Twillies from Oh My Bag Philippines and they offer limited edition styles for mother's day. Oh My Bag Philippines offers a lot of designs from their Handle Wraps Section that I am sure you will have an easy time selecting your choice. 

The Twillies that I paired with my blue Marikina Bag is called Audrey Handle Wraps and it only costs 350php. The handle wraps were made with stretchable and imported materials. The length is 37.5 inches and I can use it to all of my bags because it is long and stretchable. The width is 1.5 inches that makes it easier to cover more than the usual twillies. 

Audrey Handle Wraps - 350php

Blue is not her favorite color? No problem, you can change the whole look and replace the color blue in this wardrobe set with pink. You can even replace the Marikina made bags with the famous non-branded Beachkin bags which costs at least 1000php and it goes well with Oh My Bag Handle Wraps. 

The twillies that I used on my pink bag is from Oh My Bag too and its also a limited edition for the Mother's Day. This design is called Juliet Handle Wraps. The dimension and materials are the same as Audrey Handle Wraps. 

Juliet Handle Wraps - 350php

Now, you can copy the look of the Hermes Bag with Twillies for only 800 to 1000php. Amazing, right?!

2. White Polo Shirt

Nothing could go wrong with a white polo shirt. I am sure your mother can find the shirt can be paired in any bottoms on her closet. The white polo shirt sample at Polyvore is from Lacoste and it costs 7,055php. You can copy the look in a much affordable price at 1200php with a Zara White Polo Shirt. Most of the times, they offer sales and discounted promos that is why I managed to get mine for only 1200php instead of 1800php. 

Zara White Polo Shirt - 1200php

3. Blue Coat

The blue coat from Polyvore sample is Harris Wharf London Coat that costs 22,870php. You can replace the look with any blue coats that you can buy in Department Stores and brands like H & M, Zara and Forever 21 and usually its priced around 2000php to 4,000php. Its still much cheaper compared to Harris Wharf London. 

4. White Shorts

The white shorts from Polyvore sample is from Philiip Lim and it costs 19,970php. This style of shorts is easy to see in clothes rack in almost all the stores in the Philippines like Uniqlo. The price is usually around 600php to 1000php. You can add belts or scarfs as an accent to your white shorts. 

5. Black Heeled Sandals

Shoes are not hard to find. I buy my heels from Payless most of the times. The heeled sandals by Polyvore costs 1895php but you can find similar styles at Payless, SM Department Stores and Forever 21. If you are lucky like me, you can even get it in a discounted price as much as 70% off. 

6. Red Lipstick 

Finish off the look with a classic red lipstick that I am sure most mothers would love. Buy affordable, highly pigmented creamy lipstick from Maybelline for only 299php each. Try the shades Divine Wine, Rich Ruby, and Siren in Scarlet

7. Warm Shades Eye Shadows
There are a lot of neutral shades eye shadow palettes in the market that are great and affordable. You can try Maybelline's 24 Karat Nudes, The Nudes and the Blushed Nudes that costs 675php each. Wearing neutral eye shadows will compliment the red lipstick that she will be using. 

There, I hope you find my post helpful for a new look your mother can wear that is trending and still classic and beautiful just like her. Make her feel loved this Mother's Day and make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her. We will be nothing without our mothers. That's all for today and thank you for reading everyone!

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