Maybelline: Powder Matte Lipstick in Nude Illusion

Friday, April 28, 2017 Philippines


The Maybelline Powder Matte Lipstick in Nude Illusion is a nude lipstick that does not have any pink hues included. Naturally, it can make you look without makeup, the look and ease of use is the same but this one is more tricky to use. I will be sharing below on why so read on! 

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Powder Matte

Finish: Matte

Weight: 3.9g

Shade: Nude Illusion



The texture is smooth and its easy to glide over my lips just like the previous Powder Matte Lipsticks that I was able to try and test. No worries for tugging of the lips.

The lasting power is four hours without consumption of food. It can be easily removed through eating but its transfer-free. The lipstick did not leave any stain after removal.

When fully absorbed, it looked a little pinkish but not as the hint of pink in Barely There.  

This lipstick shade is great for everyday use. However, it can make your complexion look pale so make sure to wear other makeup besides the lipstick like powder and blush. 

Its affordable for only 299php!


I have a warm undertone and this lipstick is more designed for cold so even though the color of the lipstick looks earth-like shades, it did not fit my complexion well. I looked a little pale and my skin looked darker too. I think this shade will be best suited for fair skin and people with cool undertones. The color is too light for the color of my lips. I needed to use several layers of application to get the opacity that I wanted. 

The lipstick builds a little on my lip lines. 


Buy again? 80%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? Maybelline Counters, Lazada

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