Maybelline: Powder Mattes in Fuchsia Flash

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Philippines


The Top 5 from my personal choices of Powder Matte Collection by Maybelline is the Fuchsia Flash. It is one of the brightest pink the I own that reminds me of its similarity to Sephora's Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte or MAC Candy Yum Yum. The Powder Matte Lipsticks by Maybelline is my favorite collection, check out my review for the shade, Fuchsia Flash. 

Fuchsia Flash belongs to the Pink shade collection of Powder Mattes and it has a neon-like brightness. The color is bold that borders from purple, pink and red.  

Brand: Maybelline

Type: Powder Matte

Finish: Matte

Shade: Fuchsia Flash

Weight: 3.9g

Product Description: Not Indicated



Ahhhh...I love the ease of application with Maybelline's Powder Matte Collection and this includes the Fuchsia Flash! The powder-like texture makes it so easy in applying the lipstick, gliding it over my lips is smooth and tug-free. 

The pigment is so nice! Its the reason that this is my 5th pick!
The color can be worn both on day and night. The boldness of its shade is striking but wearable. 

The lipstick is almost transfer-free and it does not bleed out of the lip line. The lasting power is five to six hours without consumption of food. It can be removed through heavy eating but it does leave a nice and even stain. 

Affordable for only 299php!


It builds up on my lip lines and settles a little on the dry patches of my lips. The color will look better on fair to medium skin color better. It can make your complexion looked a little darker than usual. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 299php

Where to buy? Maybelline Counters, Lazada

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