L'Oreal: Color Riche Gold Obsession In Le Gold

Thursday, April 6, 2017 Philippines


Have you heard of a lipstick as shimmery and bright like gold? L'Oreal Paris have a gold lipstick that is perfect for the spotlight called Le Gold from their Color Riche Gold Obsession Collection. 

This is the last lipstick that I will review from the collection and this Le Gold is best applied over the other Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks. 

Brand: L'Oreal Paris

Type: Color Riche Gold Obsession

Weight: 3.7g

Shade: Le Gold

Product Description: Not listed



The packaging was designed with ombre style of coloring and the shade of the lipstick can easily be seen on the casing's mark. 

The texture of the lipstick is smooth and it is easy to glide over my lips because of its creamy formula. Its not moisturizing nor drying. 

Compared with the colored Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks, this one is not as pigmented. Its clear with just gold speckle in it. 

This lipstick is perfect for parties but best used with combination of other colored lipsticks. It works well in amplifying your usual lipsticks. 

The lasting power is decent from two to three hours. 


The gold particles on my lips when applied is hard to remove fully. There are still gold glitter-like particles left on my lips and the skin around my lips. 

I have this habit of licking my lips even with a lipstick on, I noticed that it has a little bitter taste maybe because of the gold particles but its not bothering. But compared with the other highly pigmented Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks, the bitter taste was more bearable in Le Gold. 


Buy again? 70% (I just prefer matte lipsticks most of the times.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 400php

Where to buy? Lazada, L'Oreal counters, Beauty Section in Department Stores.

Yay! Finally finished the reviews for all the Color Riche Gold Obsession Lipsticks that I have! I hope you find all the swatches and reviews helpful. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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