Get A Good Night Sleep And Sleep Soundly With Uratex

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Philippines


Any person, busy or not, deserves a good sleep. A good sleep means a regular and comfortable sleeping pattern and environment. Even athletes like Captain Alvin Patrimonio, the current Team Manager of Purefoods Star Hotshots, knows that we all need a regular sound sleep to nurture life. 

In celebration of World Sleep Day, Uratex invites everyone to join and raise the awareness on the value of good sleep despite of our busy lifestyle. Back when I was a student, I do not value the importance of a good and long sleep but now that I am working, I am missing that life. With all the stress that comes in my busy lifestyle, its hard to find ways in getting a good sleep. 

Sleeping habits and comfort can now be improved thanks to Uratex, the country's Sleep Specialist as they bring premium and technology rich products that can equip the comfort that anyone desires. Uratex have variety of products that you can try from mattresses to pillows. 

So come and join Uratex and let us all celebrate the value of good sleep and let us all sleep soundly with Uratex. 

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