COC: Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush

Friday, March 3, 2017 Philippines


Ever since I saw the Paddle Brushes on famous Youtubers and Bloggers, I got curious but never bought one. Its hard to find an affordable piece that is NOT fake. Thankfully, I am a certified Althea addict and while shopping online last December 2016, I saw this foundation brush for only 180php and its a Korean brand! 

I did not hesitate at all in adding it into my cart. It took time though before I was able to use it and share it here today on my blog. As requested, I will now be sharing my thoughts about this brush.

According to beauty enthusiasts, using a "Paddle" Foundation brush will make your life easier and better. It provides fast application with airbrush-like results. Let us find out what is my experience by reading further. 

The size of this COC Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush is small compared to typical makeup brushes but its still easy to have a grip. The length is 15cm. 

According to COC and Althea, the brush was cut diagonally to fit the facial curves. I am comfortable in holding the brush and its ease of application. 

I find the bristles soft and dense. Since the bristles are densely together, it was able to give a smooth and even application of the product. My skin looked seamless with its application, I was able to achieve an airbrush-like look with the use of this brush and my liquid foundation. 

The one thing that I love most about this brush is the ease of application. I just saved time in applying my foundation. All I have to do is to drop my liquid foundation on my hand, dip this brush evenly with the product then apply it on my face. No need to have a strict strokes of direction, I just applied it in a circular motion until I was able to cover all my skin. 

Plus, it takes only a few product and it was able to cover most of my skin. The results are amazing with just a thin and seamless look. 

If you are creative and brave, this brush can also be used to apply contour and highlighter. Instead of circular strokes, just apply it in a straight motions. 

The only thing that I wished will be improved, the brush handle is not sturdy so I can easily bend it. I am afraid I can break it easily. Aside from that, I have no other problems. 

I recommend this brush because its effective and affordable for only 180php in Althea! I will definitely re-purchase this. My overall Rating is 5/5. This one is still in stock at Althea Korea just in case you wanted to purchase one. 

Thank you for my readers in requesting for me to review this product and I hope I was able to answer your queries with my review. This is the first time that someone requested that I review about something and I am so happy to do it. So please do not hesitate if you want me to check out a product, as long as I can afford it, I will try it for you! :) That's all for this post and have a great time everyone!

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