Bioessence's Celthera + Meet The League Of Beauty

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Philippines


March 28, 2017, Brentwood Hotel in Quezon City - the date and place when Bioessence event was held to launch their newest innovative machine, Celthera. Bioessence is one of the known and trusted clinics in the Philippines and knowing that they will launch something new made me curious and excited to attend the event. 

Celthera is a non-invasive face and body treatment with no down time. It gives an instant face lifting effect and body contouring without the need for any surgery! 

A demonstration was done to one of my fellow bloggers during the event. She was so lucky because she got picked randomly from the guest list during the said event. She was able to try the new Celthera demonstration first!

The said treatment is safe and effective. The procedure can last from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the targeted body part. Its features includes new category of fractional skin treatment, peogrammed treatment protocol, stable output control technology and dual treatment (for Dermis and SMAS) as delivery heat energy to SMAS.

I am amazed though to see that it has an IMMEDIATE visible results! The procedure was done to half of the face of the model at her mandible and cheekbone area for better comparison. Check out the photo of before and after below:

Amazing, right? I am so happy that I got lucky too because I won from the raffle of a free Celthera Service! I want to try it soon and I plan to have a detailed review and video about it. So stay posted! 

During the event, the products made by Maybelline were all displayed. I already tried their Acnetrol Set and I posted my review here on my blog. 

Bioessence, who's been in the beauty and wellness industry for 23 years, have already proven its expertise when it comes to helping Filipinas enhance their beauty through non invasive facial, slimming and spa services. 

Grounded by its philosophy of "caring beyond Beauty", Bioessence extending their advocacy of caring by educating their clientele on the proper ways of taking care of their skin and body through a one of a kind holistic beauty and wellness experience. 

With the help of a unique group composed of online influencers who will share their journey with Bioessence, the brand continues to firmly prove it's mission of delivering world class customer care that truly brings out the beauty and wellness in everyone. 

With that said, Bioessence introduces the very first League of Beauty! The five members of League of Beauty are Genzel Habab, Anne Clutz, Monica Ferrer, Nina and Jet Rayos. 

I am proud and happy to see my fellow bloggers be a part of Bioessence's League of Beauty. 

Watch my short video tour during the event here: 

Thank you so much for reading and hope you will watch out for my Celthera experience! 

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