The Body Shop: White Musk Eau De Toilette

Thursday, February 2, 2017 Philippines


The Body Shop White Musk is not new to me. I discovered it through my friend Ampie who always uses this as her perfume everyday at work. I like the scent and how long lasting the perfume is but I never bought it because I do not think that it is a priority at that time.

For the month of February though, it became a priority on my list because of Goblin! (I admit, I am a K-Drama fan here!) Actually this perfume is already made by The Body Shop many years ago but its recently made an impact when it was used on the famous Korean Show, Goblin. Its one of Kim Shin's gifts to Eun Tak. The perfume is included in numerous episode scenes but it was first seen in Episode 6. Look at my screenshots of the scene during Episode 6 together with the bag and money for her tuition fee that was also placed on the table:

In Korea though, the box is different because if you buy this perfume in Korea, the box has Gong Yoo's face on it. (I secretly wish we have that packaging too!) Unfortunately, according to the Body Shop Sales Lady that assisted me, that special edition packaging is only available in Korea but it has the same design of bottle and same scent. Its just the box that is different. (For other as seen on TV products that I featured, kindly visit my Category of "Spotted" located at the menu bar of my home page.)

Anyway, shall I proceed to the review if this perfume is worth it or just the hype because of Goblin? 

Brand: The Body Shop

Scent: White Musk (It also has a version for men. So you can buy one for you and your man!)

Weight: 60ml (Also available in 30ml, the one used on the show is the 60ml bottle.)

Product Description: 



What I love about The Body Shop is that their products are always cruel free. Its one of their campaigns too, not to test their products in animals. 

The White Musk perfume is a concoction of musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. Its a combination of something floral, fresh like powder and a little sweetness and I love the result. The perfume overall reminds me of a soap's scent that you can smell when you just opened it from its packaging. The scent is actually simple and it makes me more energetic whenever I smell it. I am very comfortable when I use it. 

The perfume is musky and strong so do not over spray as it may cause a too strong fragrance for your liking. For me, this perfume can be used by all age groups because the scent is very versatile. 

I first used it during a 16 hours shift to test the lasting power. I am amazed that it survived the double shift! I did not need to re-spray at all. I can still smell it on my clothes after a long day. 

The perfume is actually affordable. Most perfumes being sold is at least 3,000php and you can get this for only 1695php for a 60ml bottle. Its a good choice for everyday use. 

Cons: None noted.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1695php (I got it for only 1200php more or less, I think. Its on sale for 25% off. Go get it while its on sale!)

Where to buy? The Body Shop Stores. I got mine from the Trinoma Branch. 

I hope I was able to satisfy the K-Drama fans out there with my review! I am enjoying using it everyday right now. LOL. I am planning to purchase the Laneige Lipstick to feature as seen on Kim Bok Joo for my next Spotted item, what do you think? Have a great day everyone! 

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