Kracie Hadabisei: All in 1 42-Pieces Facial Mask Sheets

Monday, February 6, 2017 Philippines


I am currently addicted and practicing the 10 Step Korean Skin care routine and it includes wearing facial masks everyday and I hate to say it but its a pain in my budget. Facial Masks are expensive unless I will be able to hoard them while its on sale. I just had an amazing discovery though, Beauty Box Corp. brought to the Philippines the famous good for one month facial masks called Kracie Hadabisei that came from Japan. Its now readily available in Beauty Bar stores! Yay! 

As far as I am aware, Japanese brands is the only one I know that makes a box full of facial masks that are good for a week up to one month of use. Its the perfect facial masks to pair with the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine that I wanted to adapt by heart. (Note: Facial masks can be used from once to twice a week but if you are practicing the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine, it includes a daily use of facial masks.)

Do you want me to review it more closely? Here it goes...

Brand: Hadabisei (Kracie)

Weight: 462ml = 42 pieces of facial mask sheets

Product Description: 

Most of the description in the packaging is written in Japanese characters but I will still share it for you to have an idea how it looks like. 

The All in 1 mask sheets by Kracie is made with combination of toner (facial lotion), moisturizer, serum and mask. Its basically the shortest skin care routine that you can do. If you want a less complicated skin care then you can do use this face mask alone after washing your face. 

The English Part of the Description in the packaging:



Wow! Imagine skipping 4 steps of skin care routine by just using this mask! I can save a lot of time and use it for sleep instead. This mask contains the 4 steps of toner, moisturizer, serum and of course the mask. Not only that, I can make my bag lighter when travelling because I do not need to bring all the bottles of toner, moisturizer and serum with me. (I have this small bag that whenever I travel, I put all my skincare routine there and bring it with me.)

Even though it is said in the description that this includes a toner (in Japan, its version is called facial lotion or softener), they still recommended that you use toner before applying this mask. For me when I am at home, I still use the toner because I am sure the content of the facial lotion in the mask is not as concentrated when used purely but for travels, I skip  using a separate toner. Its up to you. Either way, it is both beneficial for your skin.  

The packaging is resealable making it perfect to be used both at home and when travelling. A little advice, I prefer storing it upside down every other day so that the essence will not pool at the bottom of the packaging and it can reach the top of the box. 

After one day of use, I noticed that my skin feels smooth, supple and brighter when I woke up in the morning. I can see a hint of glow in my skin specially in the cheeks and cheekbone area. There are no sticky residue left at all but still my skin is well hydrated. 

Using this mask if you prefer a daily routine is much more economical. If you will compute the amount of 895php for the 42 pieces masks, it will only cost you 21.30php per mask! Its the most affordable find I could use. Individual masks are regularly priced at 50 up to 200php depending on the brand. Though I discovered a brand in Althea called Y.E.T. that costs 24php each but its always out of stock. 

Its actually good if you are going to use this everyday because it will motivate you to do a strict regimen once you open the box. Of course, I will be thinking that if I skip using it, it may dry out before I consume all the masks. The masks do not dry out even though its already open and resealed but I have this nagging feel of I should use it immediately once opened. I store it in the refrigerator in my room to avoid drying out and also for a refreshing feel of cool mask on my face whenever I use it. 

The masks are soaked with 30 kinds of essences. (Literally WOW!) The only downside with being soaked with 30 kinds of essences, it feels really sticky after I removed the mask. It took more than 15 to 20 minutes before it was fully absorbed by my skin. (Just a note though, the mask is not as wet compared to those on individual packaging but the effect on my skin is same.)

I tested my skin before and after use of the masks using the MiLi Pure Moisture Skin Detector. The initial moisture level of my skin before use are:

Face = 29.7% (Dry)
Eyes (Under my eyes) = 41.2% (Normal)
Neck = 42.5% (Normal. I used the excess essence of the mask to my neck)

After it was fully absorbed by my skin and it felt dry, I checked the moisture level and checked if it increased drastically or not. Here is the results:

Face = 37.8% (Normal)
Eyes (Under my eyes) = 41.3%
Neck = 42.7%

The data showed that my skin became from dry to normal by 8.1%. It only increased the level of moisture on my eyes by 0.1% and 0.2% for my neck. For me, the increase of moisture on my face is already impressive. 


The sheet is a little small for my face. It did not reach the hairline on my forehead so I need to spread a little excess essence of the mask to the uncovered part. 

Since the masks leaves a sticky residue after removal while its not yet fully absorbed by the skin, I suggest that you use this at night instead of by day. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 895php

Where to buy? Beauty Bar Stores

I want to try the Lululun 32 pieces face masks that I also saw in Beauty Bar for my next face masks once I fully consume this box. I hope you find this review helpful. Valentine's day is near and you might want to have this as a gift instead of flowers. LOL. (Though I still prefer both hahaha! Flowers wilt but I feel special whenever I receive one but sometimes I think I want a more practical gift. I am such a girl because I am so torn! Anyway, have a great time everyone! Keep smiling and spread the love!

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