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Sunday, January 1, 2017 Philippines


Happy New Year everyone! This is my first blog post for the year 2017 and I am so excited to share more reviews and fun on my blog this year so watch out for it, okay? 

For my first entry of the year, I like to share my thoughts on this new supplement that I recently discovered last year. Its about the Iced Tea that has no sugar! Can you believe it? I know that its unusual because most drinks tastes sweet and contains a high amount of sugar. 

TrueTea Iced Tea is part of the campaign in prevention of Diabetes and they want us to learn how to use organic tea such as Black Tea and natural sweeteners such as the leaf of Stevia which can be found on this iced tea. 

Each box contains four sachets. Each sachet is good for a 1 liter of water (5 glasses). Its easy to use because the powder is fine and easily dissolves in water. 

Besides the fact that it does not contain any sugar, it is also low in calorie and loaded with Vitamin C. TrueTea is made with Black Tea Leaves and sweetened with Stevia. Check out the full list of ingredients below: 

The benefits of taking Real Black Tea are: 
1. Lowers the risk of stroke and heart attacks
2. Keeps you alert and full of energy
3. Rich in anti-oxidants that helps protect your cells from DNA damage
4. Helps in cancer prevention
5. Reduce incidence of atherosclerosis
6. Lowers the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney stones and Parkinson's Disease
7. Protects you from Osteoporosis and Lung Cancer
8. Helps in the management of asthma
9. For oral health and prevention of tooth decay and strengthening of tooth enamel
10. Helps delay aging process
11. Helps boost metabolism to aid weight loss

TrueTea is naturally sweetened with the help of Stevia and I will now share with you the benefits of using Stevia in replacement of sugar:
1. Stevia has zero effect on blood sugar levels, ideal and safe for diabetics
2. Stevia has zero calories, perfect for weight watchers and individuals who are concern about their sugar intake
3. Stevia is a natural sweetener and has zero chemicals, safe for long term use because it has no side effects compared to artificial sweeteners
4. Stevia has no cholesterol and has no sodium content, safe for individuals with hypertension
5. Stevia does not cause dental caries or cavities unlike sugar
6. Stevia is non-carcinogenic or does not cause cancer making it the safest sweetener in the market

Since this iced tea is packed with Vitamin C, I will also share the benefits of taking Vitamin C everyday:
1. Strengthens your immune system to fight infections and diseases such as cold and flu
2. Protection from cardiovascular diseases such as stroke
3. Prevention of prenatal problems
4. Fights skin aging
5. Reduces the risk of cancer
6. Good for your eye health
7. Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues

In my own experience, I feel more at ease in using this iced tea instead of the commercialized ones because it contains no sugar plus its low in calories. I feel safer without feeling scared of having a sugar overload. 

To my surprise, it does not have any bitter taste nor after taste which is great! It tastes like the usual lemon tea iced tea! It was able to satisfy my thirst and its refreshing. 

Now I could enjoy my drink without worrying! Its perfect for diet conscious individuals. One box costs 99php. It is already available on most super markets. 

Since I want to celebrate the new year, I wanted to share the goodness of TrueTea Iced Tea. I will be giving away one box (4 sachets in one box) to 3 lucky winners. Join now on my mechanics below:

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