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Monday, January 23, 2017 Philippines


If you are as addicted as me about Goblin: The Great and Lonely God, you would notice in Episode 5 while Kim Shin and Eun Tak shops at Miniso, Eun Tak keeps placing an item in the counter for Kim Shin to buy...guess what? I just found that item at Miniso Gateway! That item is the Miniso's Double-Sided Cosmetic Cotton!

Screenshot taken while I am watching Episode 5!

So, I will include this blog post and review to my Spotted Category where I stash my reviews inspired or seen on shows and movies! (For beauty items found in shows or movies, you can check out my "Spotted" category on my header or just simply search for the label ''spotted" at Search Bar.)

Shall we check it out why Eun Tak wants it so much? Let's go!

Brand: Minsio

Type: Cosmetic Cotton or Pad

Weight: No weight indicated but it has 180 sheets of cotton pads

Product Description: 

How To Use: 


I did not expect that one pack will have 180 pieces of cosmetic pads for only 99php! Its really a great deal. I usually buy the ones from 88 Store, Department Store and The Face Shop but most of them contains 50 to 100 pieces of cosmetic pads for the amount of 88php to 100php. 

The cotton pad is made with 100% pure cotton!

I cannot wait to test it and I immediately used it on the first night that I bought this from Miniso! I wanted to know if the item is great because I got it in an affordable price and it contains more than the usual. Its just to good to be true!

I was surprised though that the quality is so great that the price is worth it! (Actually, the price is cheap for the quality of the cosmetic cotton!) The cotton pad is soft and yet it does not tear off or crumbles like the cheap ones that I tried from Department Stores. 

Its also a plus that the cotton pad is double-sided because it makes the pad stronger and more effective specially when I am wiping off makeup on my skin. 

I did not experience any discomfort to my skin while using this pad. Its also effective in staying whole and strong even when wet until I am finished using it in my skin care routine. I use this together with my makeup remover, toner and micellar water. Oh, since it is high quality, its also great to use in removing nail polishes. 

The packaging was also given a thought by Miniso because you can reseal it through the use of threads any time! This way, it is easy to bring it when travelling. It will keep the cotton pads fresh and away from dirt. 

Cons: None noted. (But...can I have Kim Shin buy it for me too? That would be really great!)

Buy again? 100% (Definitely yes! Can I buy it together with Kim Shin? Oh my... I am still under the Goblin Fever!)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 99php

Where to buy? Miniso Branches 

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