Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar: Dear Pink

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Philippines


My addiction to K-drama is gearing up to a new level because I also want to try the products used on the shows that I watched. This is not the first item that I reviewed that is inspired from the shows or movies that I seen. (For all the reviews that is seen from movies and series, go to my link "Spotted" here. You can also easily access its shortcut on the drop down menu under Categories on the top of my blog page. Spotted is the hashtag that I use for featuring items used by Celebrities.)

Thanks to Althea, I was able to get this Dear Pink shade of Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar because it is always out of stock in counters here in the Philippines. Of course, this lipstick was made famous by the show Descendants of the Sun. Want to know which part of the show? Its the famous scene where the line "Let's ruin your lipstick" was said by Captain Yoo Jin Si in Episode 9. I cannot find this scene on Youtube but here is a screenshot from the show:

This is the second lipstick that I reviewed from that was used on Descendants of the Sun. For the Laneige Juicy Pop that Dr. Kang uses, review posted here. Now, let us review the lipstick!

Brand: Laneige

Type: Two Tone Lip Bar

Finish: Combination of High Glossy and Matte Lipstick

Shade: Dear Pink (No. 14)

Weight: 2g

Product Description, How To Use, Ingredients: (Written in Korean, sorry!)


This combination of shades is darker than my Juicy Pop making it more visible to my lips when I wear it. I wish I have pale lips so light colored lipsticks will show more but I don't so I am happy that this one worked better on me. Yay! (In short, this lipstick shade is highly pigmented.)

I can keep up with the trending gradation lips with the help of this lipstick. The style of two shades combining in transition is easily achieved with the automatically made two tone bar. 

I love that this Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar n Dear Pink is moisturizing to my lips even though it is semi-matte. Even though the texture and finish is a combination of gloss and semi-matte, the lipstick glides easily and smoothly over my lips. No tugging at all. 

I can achieve the no makeup look with this lipstick because it looks natural when worn. 

The lipstick has a light sweet scent to it. It does not settle on lip lines. 

The expiration date is posted at the bottom of the lipstick, its easier to keep track and monitor. 

The lipstick is properly sealed. I know that its really brand new because I need to break the seal to open the cap. 


I keep forgetting that I need to turn the lipstick upside down when I apply it on my upper lip. LOL. 

There are times that it builds up on dry patches of my lips. 

I also have to keep in mind that the lipstick's button is different. Watch the video below on how to use the lipstick's button:


When Dr. Kang used it on Descendants of the Sun:
Photo Image Courtesy to

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 1200-1250php on Laneige Counters. (I bought it from Althea for only 870php)

Where to buy? Laneige Counters, Althea

I hope you enjoyed this review and my Spotted posts. Thank you for reading everyone!

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