Indulging Myself for 2017 With SvelT'i Clarity Facial and Diamond Peel

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 Philippines

(Photo image courtesy to SvelT'i)


After the Holiday Rush last December 2016, I needed a much deserved relaxation such as having a Facial done. I decided to use the gift certificate that I received last year and use it at SvelT'i. I scheduled my appointment and I am now ready in indulging myself for a 2017 skin care pampering with SvelTi's Clarity Facial and Diamond Peel.

SvelT'i is an aesthetic clinic that offers treatments for body and face such as facials and wart removals. I suggest that you make an appointment over dropping there as walk-in because they have a lot of clients. This way, you will be a priority if you have a scheduled appointment. 

SvelT'i is located at the 5th floor of South Insula Condominium at Timog, Quezon City, Upon arrival, you can easily see their clinic because it is right across the elevator. 

Their facilities are well-lit and clean. There is a soothing aroma that made me feel relaxed already upon entering the clinic. The overall look of their place is classy that it made a great impression on me specially that it is my first time to visit. 

The front desk staff already greeted me and checked my appointment, I was then re-directed to their lobby area. I also signed some of my medical history needed before the treatment. The receptionist asked me if I need anything such as water or coffee while I wait for the clinical specialist that will checked my skin first for what kind of facial that I will need. 

I did not have to wait for long because my "super nice, approachable and cheerful" clinical specialist took me to a private room for the consultation. Besides checking the currents state of my skin and giving me of what kind of treatment I shall avail and what will happen in my facial, I also learned a lot of skin care tips from her that I could follow after my facial. 

She chose the Clarity Facial for me. The current state of my skin has a lot of white and black heads and with the Clarity Facial, it includes the extraction. She also noticed that I have a lot of warts on my cheekbone area (probably got it from the common cheeks to cheeks greeting) so we scheduled my next appointment on February for a warts removal. 

After that, I was directed to a treatment room. The room has a bathrobe that I changed into and a pair of slippers that I can wear. They also have hangers and cabinet that I could store my clothes and bag. 


I was not able to get much photos while the facial was ongoing because I was enjoying my pamper time a lot. My therapist is a registered nurse and I am so happy because I was able to meet someone I could relate to. 

I will share with you the step by step procedure that I experienced:

1. Cleansing of my face was done. The product used is cool and soothing. 
2. A toner was used to further clean my skin and prepared for the next step ahead. 
3. They covered my eyes with a water soaked pads in preparation for the steam treatment. The steam is a little warm but still very comfortable. This is done to open up my pores in preparation for the extraction of black and white heads. 
4. Extraction time! I was expecting a painful removal of black heads and white heads but I did not experience any pain at all. The extraction is done on my whole face unlike to other facials that I tried that only target pimples. My skin does not look red and blotchy after the extraction. 
5. As suggested, my skin will look more brighter and clear if I can follow the procedure with a diamond peel. Since I already availed a regular facial, I could get the diamond peel for a discounted price. The diamond peel is like a small vacuum and it was used both on my face and neck. Its not painful at all. I actually like the feeling of it sucking my skin for dead skin cells. After the diamond peel, my nurse showed me the dirty skin she was able to get and it was placed on a cotton ball.

5. Next, Collagen cream was applied on my face, neck and shoulders and it also includes a very relaxing massage. This part is my favorite. 
6. My second favorite step, the application of mask. My face was soaked with the mask for 15 minutes. I feel my skin tightening as the mask dries. 

7. After the mask was meticulously removed, a sunblock was used on my face and neck. The sunblock used is smooth and easily absorbed, it has a powder-like texture on my skin. They sell the sunblock for 1500php and the tube is big, I think its around 100ml or more. 

After the facial treatment, I was offered coffee or water again. I was told not to wet my face for at least 6 hours. The Clarity Facial costs 1200php and the Diamond Peel for 1500php. I was able to get the Diamond Peel for a discounted price of 1000php because I already availed for the Clarity Facial. 

I then scheduled my next appointment with them for my warts removal. So watch out for it on February! 

Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my treatment. I can't help touching and feeling my skin because it feels smooth and soft. I think the collagen and diamond peel had a major effect on my skin. I definitely recommend SvelT'i! 

Check out SvelT'i at their website here. You can also follow them on their Facebook page here and Instagram at @svelti_ph. The clinic is open at 8am to 5pm during Monday to Friday and at 8am to 12pm on Saturday. You can contact them at 02-3327546, 0925-3328749, 0925-3445326, 0918-8783584.

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