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Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Philippines


One of my guilty pleasures is having a body massage done. I am a certified addict when it comes to massages. I am already satisfied by having a regular home service but there are times that I wish I could splurge and enjoy the ambiance of a spa. 

Last August, I was able to purchase a voucher from Metrodeal. My boyfriend and I will celebrate our anniversary that time and instead of buying him a gift, I decided to invest in a spa experience for both of us. Just in time in our anniversary, I saw this deal at Metrodeal. 

The deal is a 60% off in a 60 minute massage service at Le Spa, Sofitel. The original price of a massage is around 3,000-4,000php and the voucher only costs 1599php. Its a great deal! Don't worry because there is always an offer from Le Spa if you also wanted to try it. Make sure to check Metrodeal's website from time to time. 

Using the voucher has its limitations though, there are only days and specific time that you can avail the service. Its a good thing that our schedule at work is flexible, we were able to avail the service conveniently. Just a reminder, using the voucher also requires you to set an appointment ahead. I advice that you schedule at least a minimum of one week ahead. Le Spa is busy with clients using the vouchers plus the clients that are currently staying at Sofitel.

Arriving at Le Spa and seeing its spacious and cozy set-up already makes me feel relaxed and I cannot wait for the real experience! Le Spa is Sofitel's heavenly escape for pampering and they combine Filipino and French styles to let their clients experience a remarkable relaxation time at their spa.

At the reception area, a copy of the voucher were asked. They will advise you during the scheduling of the appointment that you should bring a printed copy of your voucher (with barcode included) on your day of appointment. After taking the vouchers, we were asked to fill up some stuff and were asked on the kinds of massage that we would like to avail. There are five kinds of massages that you can choose from: 

1. Filipino Pride
2. Marrakech Sweetness
3. Gentleman's Regenerative
4. Hotstone Rolling
5. Hilot Secret

I chose the Marrakech Sweetness for a change. I usually have the deep and hard massage done at home but this time I wanted to try their Marrakech Sweetness that focuses on a gentle massage while being showered with mint and green tea scents to relax both the body and mind. My boyfriend of course chose the Gentleman's Regenerative that targets deep muscle massage and Thai Stretching. 

Even though you chose a certain type of massage, Le Spa will still ask you whether you want it soft, medium or hard. 

For the room type during the setting of appointment, I asked if we could use a couple's room for an upgrade but they happily told me that we could use the couple's room for free. So if you are a couple or a family, try asking the staff when you set up your appointment. 

Included in the voucher, we could also enjoy using their spa's amenities such as the jacuzzi, shower area and wet sauna. They also offer tea before and after the massage. 

After filling out the forms, my boyfriend and I were directed separately for the locker rooms. Their locker rooms are spacious and complete. The cabinets have electronic safety locks that I amazingly enjoyed setting up. :) 

The locker room even had the basic necessities that we need just in case we forget to bring one. For example - disposable combs, lotion and deodorant spray.

I used the wet sauna and showered before I proceed to the massage room. We were assisted in our room and were prepared the ultimate experience. 

I did not expect that our feet will also be scrubbed because my voucher only includes the massage. I think its already part of their service.

The Marrakech Sweetness is more of strokes and I fell asleep during the massage specially when I can inhale the relaxing scent of mint and Green Tea. It seems that my boyfriend also enjoyed the massage because he also fell asleep. We were woken up by a sound from a rain stick. 

The difference between a home service and a spa is the cozy set-up, relaxing scents and warm ambiance. The splurge is worth it. 

Disclaimer: All photos were taken with supervision from the staff. The quality of the photos are not great because I just used my mobile phone.

Will I come back? I can't wait! I want to explore the other types of massage that they offer. I think I want the Filipino Pride or Hilot Secret next time! 

I hope that this review helps. Its a nice gift that you can give to your family, friends or partner. That's all for this post and have a great time everyone!

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