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Saturday, October 22, 2016 Philippines


Lighting is the key to a more successful blog. It is one of the studio must-haves that I prioritize in buying. I originally planned to get a Ring Light for my photo sessions but I find it rather expensive. I am trying to save money but it may take a while even though I badly needed it.

Last month, while I am looking inside Henry's Professional, Trinoma branch (Yes, it is my habit to window shop at Henry's because I usually take note mentally on things that I wanted to purchase in the future.), I saw this Video Light by Yongnuo. 

Before you proceed in reading, I do not usually rant on my blog but I just wanted to share that I had a bad experience with the first sales lady that I had a conversation with when I inquired about the Yongnuo Pro Led Video Light. I wanted to know if there is a huge difference between the Ring Light versus this Video Light, and she smartly replied, "the roundness" because the ring light is round. (To quote it specifically in Tagalog, "Edi bilog.")  I am a little disappointed specially when she turned her back on me after answering my question, I got a little offended and I feel like I do not want to purchase one anymore. 

I considered that maybe she thought that I might not buy it because I do not wear any makeup on and I am wearing everyday clothes at that time. My boyfriend saw me looking disheartened while he waited for me outside the shop. I told him about it and that I am interested in buying the Pro LED Video Light because it is way more cheaper than Ring Light. I am just wondering if I can use it instead of Ring Light for my photo sessions before actually purchasing it. 

He went inside and asked for another sales lady who can assist us. The new sales lady explained the advantages of the Video Light. She shared that in her opinion, I can use it like a ring light though it is more designed for videos but if I plan to do a video recording, then this light is more advisable. I was enlightened with its Pros and Cons which I will also share on this blog post. My boyfriend ended up buying it for me that same day with the sales lady that is more accommodating. He reasoned so that I can use it for my photos and if I am still not happy with the results, I can still continue saving up for the Ring Light. 

So that is the short story of how I got this Pro LED Video Light by Yongnuo. Sorry for the short rant and without further ado, I will now share my thoughts about the Yongnuo YN300!

The Yongnuo YN300 is small and handy. It is easy to bring for travel without the need to worry that you can damage the lights because it can be covered with its barn doors. 

Looking at the back, it has a spot that can be loaded with batteries. The battery needed to be purchased separately as well as its adapter. 

Port for the Adapter

Spot for the Battery

The color temperature of the Pro LED video light can easily be controlled from 3200K to 5500K. The brightness can also be set from 1% to 99%.

The set also comes with two gels for color correction. The white diffuser and the orange light diffuser. 

The box also comes with a holder so you can create effects using the video light. 

It also comes with a remote. You can use this if you have multiple video led lights that you wanted to control the light of each channel. But I can also adjust the brightness using this remote. 

There is a table stand that you can attach the hotshoe in to whatever purpose you may need. 

This is the adaptor that I can use to attach on the hotshoe of my tripod or on the top of my DSLR camera. 

This is how it looks like when I attached the Video Led light into the holder. 

This is how it looks like when placed on Tripod. I can also place the light on top of my DSLR before attaching it into the Tripod. 

This is the space where you can insert the color gels for the light:

So let us breakdown the Pros and Cons now...


It is handy. I can bring it with me in travel because I can use it with batteries or plugged it directly. 

The light's brightness can be adjusted depending on what I need. Diffusers can be used to correct color. 

The brightness that the light produces is enough to illuminate the subject even if there are no other light sources.

The light can be used by holding it with its handle, putting it in tripod or on top of your DSLR cameras.

The barn doors can also be used to control the focus of the light and it can also be used to easily clip on additional plastic diffusers. 

With a few more practice, I think I can achieve the correct lighting that I want.

This is more affordable than Ring Light. Compared to ring light, this video light does not produce halo like reflection on my eyes. 


I am still learning on how I can use it at its correctly. If you do not have a background in using camera accessories such as this, you may find it hard. 

The batteries and adapter are purchased separately. 

What do you think? I am still practicing on what is the best setting for my photos.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 4700php

Where to buy? Henry's Professional Store.

That's all for today, I am just hoping that I will be able to master using it soon! Have a great time everyone!

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