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Thursday, October 6, 2016 Philippines


I just woke up and I am not feeling well due to colds and sore throat. Even though I am feeling down this early in the morning, I am still craving for food and its for a Vietnamese dishes by Pho Hoa. 

My sister is the one who introduced me to Pho Hoa and ever since then, I eat here from time to time specially when craving hits in their branch in Trinoma. 

I am not a fan of noodle soups which they are famous for but they have a lot of other dishes that are delicious and quite addicting. 

Let me share my favorites. 

They have this refreshing Vietnamese version of pasta or salad. It is a combination of noodles, Chicken or Pork strips, spring rolls, cucumbers, carrots and lettuce. The dressing is a sweetened vinegar that is perfect to go with the dish. This dish is called Vermicelli. The meat can be chicken or pork but I prefer ordering chicken because it is more tender. 

Vermicelli in Chicken (Large) - 340php

My next favorite is their Spring Rolls with Lettuce Wraps. It reminded me on how Koreans usually eat their meats because it is almost the same. Roll out your lettuce, put some noodle and cucumber, add a piece of spring roll and roll the lettuce to enclose the spring roll. 

Spring Rolls with Lettuce - 210php

Both the Vermicelli and Spring Rolls with lettuce does not come with rice. I usually order an extra rice (60php) to go with it. 

There are times though that I stick to a platter meal. They have a lot of choices for platter meals and they offer combinations too. 

Like this platter here, it is a combination of pork strips and spring rolls. Their platter meals comes with rice already. 

Grilled Pork with Spring Rolls - 295php


Pho Hoa has lot of dishes to offer that you can try in every visit. 

The serving size is fine. Each dish (except for platter meal) is good for two to three person. 

The food they serve are delicious and it is their dishes does not cause any distaste (suya or umay). 

Serving time is around 10 minutes. No need to wait for long for your orders. 

The staff are polite and attentive. 


I find that their rice is overpriced. For a cup of rice, it costs 60php. 

Their dishes is a little expensive specially for the platter meals. That is why I usually order by dish then I just add a rice. However, the price justifies the taste of the food so I really do not complain for the price. (In fact, I am craving for a nice Vermicelli right now.)

For a list of their menu. Check it out below. Just a reminder, prices may have changed without me being able to update this blog post. 

Will I come back? Definitely a yes! Please I want to eat a nice bowl of Vermicelli soon! 

For a list of Pho Hoa branches, as far as I know, they have one at Trinoma, Gateway, Centris and Tomas Morato. They do not have a Facebook account but they do have an Instagram account, @ilovephohoa_ph.

That is all for today, I have so many things that are waiting to be posted here on my blog but I wanted to rest a little first and recover from the flu. Have a great weekend! 

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