Celebrate National Pampering Day: My Nailaholics Experience

Monday, October 10, 2016 Philippines


There are times that we are so busy in our career and taking care of our family that we tend to neglect ourselves. This may be the reason that sometimes you will feel burned out like what I have been personally experiencing at times. 

Have you ever felt the need that you just wanted to drop everything and have a full day of just enjoying a "me" time either by pampering through massages, hair or nail care and even through shopping? These are the things that we find rare to accomplish because of our busy schedules and daily tasks that consumes a huge amount of our time. 

Well, this could be the perfect timing for your "Me" time because on October 17, 2016, Philippines will celebrate its first National Pampering Day so mark your calendars everyone! 

Experience your quick escape and indulge with a free relaxing manicure and hand massage from 10AM to 12PM in any Nailaholics branch. Nailaholics is a nail salon in the country that has the art of a quick and efficient pampering service. 

The MarketingHead of Nailaholics, Mr. Arvin Amaro supports the National Pampering Day and wanted to give Filipinos the much needed pampering day as he quoted, "We get that and its exactly why we're celebrating National Pampering Day. We want to give people who need a break a quick escape where they won't have anything to worry about. So be sure that you head over to your nearest Nailaholics branch to get pampered for free.".

I have been craving a time for myself and I am so happy to join the National Pampering Day (in advance) as I had a foot spa, manicure and pedicure from Nailaholics, Fishermall Branch. The Nailaholics set-up is a beach theme that is warm and inviting and it made me feel like I had a quick trip away from the city. 

Even the things that they use like the basin for the foot soak and the basket for the nail polish has a touch of a beach themed look. 

As I shared from one of my Instagram posts, I am not feeling well lately due to flu but it did not stop me from having this pampering day for myself. I enjoyed the relaxing time so much that while they were doing the foot spa and a short leg and foot massage, I fell asleep. ^_^

The staff are meticulous from in doing the scrubbing, manicure and pedicure. The nail polish they offer are from China Glaze, Orly and so much more! For those who likes their nails to be perfect, I recommend Nailaholics. 

Watch the quick video of my pampering experience at Nailaholics + a tour in their branch at Fishermall, Quezon City! 

For the list of services and their prices, check it out here. Just a reminder though, prices may change without any updates from my blog post. 

To know more about Nailaholics, please like and follow their social media pages here:

Instagram and Twitter: @_nailaholics

Thank you for reading and have a great week everyone!

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