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Sunday, September 18, 2016 Philippines


Hi everyone! As requested by Ms. Sandrah Arajah of when she saw it in my Instagram account, I am now sharing my review of CD-R King's Selfie Light. 

As you know, my budget is tight even though I really wanted to upgrade to a newer phone so bad (like Samsung Note 5 or Asus Zenfone 3 or Oppo Selfie Expert!) but it is not my priority as of the moment. My current unit of Samsung Note 3 front camera is not as good as the newly released mobile units right now. 

I need to find a way to improve the quality of my photos. Last August, when my boyfriend and I are buying something from CD-R King, I saw this selfie light from one of their displays. I thought that this would be a great accessory for my mobile phone. There are also a lot of colors available and of course, I chose pink!

The Selfie Light has a tip that can be inserted into the earphones port of your mobile phone. Once inserted into the port, the Selfie LED Light will automatically light up. Make sure you are not looking directly into it to avoid discomfort.

The light can be used with or without plugging it into a mobile phone. It has a battery of its own that can be recharged by USB connection. It can work both as a Selfie Light or Flashlight. Believe me, the brightness of the LED light is astounding.

The LED light has 3 settings that can be controlled on top, its like bright, brighter and brightest with the amount of light you can get. You can also turn it on or off with the same button.

Check out the photo below on how it looks like when plugged into my mobile phone. You can turn the light off while its plugged on the phone. 

Let me now share my exact thoughts about it. 


I like its two way function that I can use it both as a Selfie Light and Flashlight even without plugging it into my mobile phone. The light has its own battery. I do not use it everyday (I use it for less than ten times from August until today) but so far since buying it last August, the battery has not been emptied yet. 

Since the light is small, it is very handy and lightweight. The light is made of LED so it does not get warm. 

It can really illuminate the room and have your photo taken even when its dark. Check out my sample photo below, I turned off the light and look how my front lens camera (with Beauty Face function) captured my photo. It managed to shot my face with enough light.

I took this shot in broad daylight using the front lens camera and Selfie LED light with my co-blogger and friend, Rochelle of 


Well, the light is really bright even with the lowest setting. I find it harsh to my eyes specially when doing a selfie shot. I often joke that its blinding me. Make sure to test it first before buying to make sure that you can tolerate the brightness.

I am thinking if I should put a bond or parchment paper, or maybe an orange cellophane over it to diffuse the light. I want to check if the brightness will be more comfortable to my eyes but as of now, I am too lazy to try it. 

Buy again? 50% (I want to try other brands, I saw one at Photozuela for only 250php. I think the one from Photozuela has a warm lighting setting. I am curious to try it.)

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 300php

Where to buy? CD-R King stores.

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