All About Beauty 101 at Hong Kong 2016: Day 2

Friday, September 16, 2016 Philippines


Hello everyone! I am sorry that the Part 2 of my Hong Kong Trip 2016 took so long because I am focusing more on my events posting and product reviews. (For Day 1, read it here.) I noticed that I was not able to include a tour inside our hotel room on my Day 1 blog post, I would include it here instead. 

The room is small but cozy, it has the basic essentials that I need to survive the 4 days and 3 nights stay in Hong Kong. The room is good for two and I stayed with my niece. Each bed is a single size. There is a small chair near my bed that I usually sit on before sleeping because it is where the socket is near. I catch up on my social media sites on this spot and leave my gadgets charging and ready for the next day. 

I appreciate that the Park Hotel made my stay more enjoyable with their free use of mobile phone that has unlimited mobile data. With this phone, I was able to sign-in on my Instagram and Facebook accounts so I can be online all the time. I can take pictures and upload it. Just do not forget to log-out all your profiles and delete photos before checking out of the hotel for privacy purposes.

The bathroom is actually spacious compared to the bedroom. The water is available in hot or cold settings which is great because during the time that I was here, the weather is chilly specially during early morning and night time. 

The bathroom came with towels, tissues, shampoos, conditioners, toothbrush and soap. Like I said, Park Hotel got your basic essentials covered. 

The Park Hotel though does not include a free breakfast like other hotels. Do not worry though, just outside the hotel, there are a lot of food chains you could try. 

For our Day 2, we decided to just eat brunch at Disneyland because we want to be there early. I think we are already out of the hotel by 6AM. We took their MTR to go to Disneyland. I enjoyed their MTR ride because its fast and clean. I hope the Philippines could improve the train system just like in Hong Kong so that we could lessen the cars and other public vehicles around the country. Its amazing how the people there rely on the trains to take them everywhere! Almost all of the place has its station stop, you just have to transfer stations for the specific area you wanted to reach.  

Take note that the last station before transferring to the Disney Train is the Sunnybeach. From Sunnybeach, there is a Disney Train on the other side of the road (Yes, the train's windows are shaped in Mickey!) that will take you directly to Disneyland. 

We just needed to walk a little from the Disney Station to get inside the Park. If you do not have your tickets, you can buy it directly in the Park. In our case, we already bought the tickets from the hotel to save time from waiting in line. 

It is funny because in every corner, I already wanted to take photos and I have to be strict and manage my time because I want to cover almost all of the parts of Disneyland! One day is just not enough!

At the entrance of the Park, there is a train that you can ride that will tour you around the Park but if you want shortcuts with the use of the train, I advice you not to take it, there are only certain parts that you can ride or get out of the train. 

If it is your first time to go to Disneyland, remember that Minnie and Mickey Mouse only have until 9AM or 10AM for you to have your photos taken with them. The line is long, so make sure you arrive early and do this first before going around the park or else it will be hard to catch them again walking around Disneyland. 

Before going inside the castle, there is a huge souvenir shop called Emporium that I wanted to keep on coming back. I want to collect everything inside from His and Her nail cutters of Mickey and Minnie, clothes, tumblers, mugs and I just want everything...end of story! 

Look at the photo below, they even have baking supplies in Mickey designs! They also have the Disney Pandora Collection! Oh my poor wallet! Kaching...kaching! This is where I bought my Belle Disney Charm. Oh if you are an avid fan of Disney and you are planning to buy a Pandora. Buy your bracelet in any Disneyland Pandora stores because they have a word "Disney" engraved in the lock of the bracelet they are selling. 

We had our brunch in one of the restaurants inside Disneyland, at the Crystal Lotus. It caters Chinese dishes and the ambiance of the store reminded me of a classic Chinese Movie from their furniture, the clothes that the staff are wearing and even the structure of the restaurant inside. 

We ordered dumplings and they serve it with Mickey logo on top. So cute! I was not able to take photos of our other food ordered because we ate fast just to go around the Park immediately. Even my photo of the Dumpling is not at its best. 

Seeing the castle near me is breathtaking. Its really my childhood dream coming true that I literally wanted to cry. I promised myself that one day, I will save money, check out other Disneyland like in Japan, US and I will really explore and splurge!

Our first stop is a must-try, its a theater called Mickey's PhilharMagic, the theater is a 3D experience at its finest! Watch your favorite Disney Characters here like Donald Duck, Ariel, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin singing and join them riding on the magic carpet. 

Of course, experience the whole Disneyland feel by eating their famous Mickey shaped ice cream. Even though the weather is already cold, I still ate one. If I remember it correctly, it is HK$15 per ice cream. (Around 150-200php)

Make sure to be back in the main entrance by noon time because there will be a day parade! I was not able to catch it in time because we just finished watching from the 3D theater.

Watch my short video compilation of the parade here: 

Your camera should always be ready too because you can snap a photo of your favorite Disney characters walking around the Park. We were able to spot Goofy and Pluto! Too bad, I was not able to catch the Disney Princesses and Donald Duck!

There is a small shop there that sells drinks and the famous Mickey Waffle. This waffle is expensive but I would love to give it a try. My time here is limited and its not an easy place to go back to, so why not try it, right? The Mickey waffle costs HK$50. (Around 500php)

Another must-try is the Jungle River Cruise. There are two lanes available and make sure to follow the line for the English speaking ride. It is designed for the tourists. Phones and cameras were advised not to be used or use it at your own risk. I just took a quick shot before I placed my phone inside my bag. The ride is in water and it is quite bumpy, I am afraid to drop my gadgets in the water. The effects of this river cruise is really great, I wanted to do another round but I have to get back for the parade.

Before nighttime, we were able to get a good spot ready for the parade and that is where we also took out time to sit and rest. While enjoying the view of the place from where I sit, I am contemplating a lot of emotions like I am so happy and yet sad because the day is about to end. I really wish to come back here anytime! Someone take me please. :)

The night parade for me is more enchanting because of the lights compared to the day parade. Watch my video capture of the night parade here: 

Belle is my favorite Disney Princess

Make sure to reserve your energy and stay until the closing time because the fireworks display is something worth your time. Its truly magical!

Watch my video of the Fireworks Display here: 

After the fireworks display, Disneyland will already close so just hold on, be patient and expect that there will be a lot of people riding the train back to Sunnybeach. 

Before going back to the hotel, my family and I ate at the nearest KFC. I am curious to try if there will be a huge difference. They offer chicken there in original, spicy and in herbs. We chose the spicy and original. The original flavor is the same but for the spicy, it has more spices to it. The chicken is quite big compared here in the Philippines. The dessert included is a tart which is really yummy! We ordered the Bucket meal like the ones offered here in the Philippines. It has rice, drinks, chicken, tarts and fries.  

Their plain rice has a topping automatically included and you can choose from their variety of flavors. I chose the mushroom gravy-like sauce but its a little spicy. 

A friendly reminder, its hard to communicate with the staff in any store that I encountered in Hong Kong because they speak in Chinese, so just point your orders on the pictures of their menu if they have one. :)

If you wanted to say thank you to them, remember the word, "xiexie". Easy to remember, right? Stay tuned for Day 3 and 4 which includes my Ocean Park adventure!!!

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