Lipstx: Solution To Every Girl's Problem in Choosing The Right Shade of Lipstick

Saturday, August 6, 2016 Philippines


Choosing lipstick shades that will compliment your skin tone has always been a dilemma to every girl that I meet and that includes myself too. Most of the times, I cannot decide which color to get and this site helped me a lot!

Recently, I was invited to try this UK based website called Lipstx, wherein you can upload a picture of you and just test the shades that they offer and see for yourself if it will look nice on you. 

There are several base shades you can try and they even suggest brands that caters each shade. 

Choosing a color will change the color of your lips on the photo, amazing is it not? 

Check out all my photos as I test each one!

This website is great! Check it out for yourself, just go to Have fun trying it out because I sure did! Have a great week ahead! 

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