Micellar Water: What Does It Really Do?

Monday, July 11, 2016 Philippines


Can we really ditch our usual makeup removers with Micellar Water instead? That is what I want to share on this blog post. I wanted to make a comparison for the benefits that we could get in using Micellar Water over usual cleansers. 

I wanted to test it on myself and that is why I bought several known effective Micellar Water that are readily available from the Philippines and the brands are from Biore, Bioderma and the newest in the market, Micellar Water by Maybelline. Yes, I bought all of these to myself because I really wanted to try it and check it out if there is really a difference. 

Micellar Water originated from France and it is pronounced as "me-sell-air". (I have to keep that in mind!) Believe it or not, Micellar Water is already being used in France since the 90's but the hype of using it is just recent. It actually has the same goal with usual cleansers and that is to remove the dirt, skin impurities in our faces but this one is milder and refreshing for the skin. 

It is known to be used in events at France for a quick cleansing of face without the use of water for rinsing and soaps. Its the perfect remedy for a lazy girl like me when it comes to cleaning my face. 

How does it work? Micellar water is made up of cleansing molecules that can work in removing the dirt, impurities and oil in our face. These said molecules can work individually and form a cluster to strengthen their work in removing dirt. These tiny cells are only attracted to oil and dirt so no worries of over cleansing. 

Amazingly, this Micellar Water is suitable for sensitive skin because it is mild, also works for dry skin because it does not cause any over-drying and most of all, it can also work for oily skin because it is not harsh and yet it can still clean and remove oil quite effectively. Though, I read some reviews that people with extreme oiliness on their skin, needs a stronger cleanser for removing makeup and oil on their face. 

How about for someone who has combination skin like me? Well, I will share it on my product reviews of each Micellar Water that I have. 

What benefits will we get if we use Micellar Water? 

1. It can remove makeup effectively. The Micellar Water is basically water from its viscosity up to its texture when touched on skin but when I rubbed one on my skin, it removes the makeup and dirt on my face. 

2. It can remove oil on my skin without making it dry because its molecules only removes oil and dirt. The moisture of the skin remains. 

3. It does not cause any greasiness. In fact, it feels refreshing whenever I use it. The smooth and non-residue feel on my skin feels great!

4. For people with dry skin, do not fret. Even though it removes oil, the water also gives you a light and non-greasy hydration of skin. 

5. After use, it gives a glowing look of the skin and I repeat, it is non-greasy. It feels like I just washed my face. 

6. The Micellar Water can be used for all skin types specially for people with sensitive skin. If your skin easily reacts on what you use, I recommend this because it is gentle and no hint of any harsh chemical. 

7. For busy girls that are too tired to remove makeup or clean the face before going to sleep, this will cut our routine time in cleaning our face in half because it is easy to use. Just wipe the micellar water with cotton in your skin to remove the dirt and makeup and ta-da, you are done!

8. You know what, some brands of Micellar Water is actually more affordable than makeup removers. 

What are the cons? 

Well, since it is gentle and water-like, it is not that effective in removing water-proof makeup. 

My tip is, if you are wearing a water-proof eyeliner and mascara, use your usual makeup remover on that part and use the micellar water all over your face. :)

Well, are you going to give the Micellar Water a try? I just did and I cannot wait to share my reviews about them because it is amazing! I will post separate reviews for each brand and type. 

I hope my post of its benefits are helpful to you my readers! Have a great day and keep in touch! XOXO. 

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