Vedette Clay Facial Mask: Cocoa

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Application of mask at least once a week has always been a task that I look forward to whether I use clays or masks. Most of the time though I use masks because its single use and hassle free. 

I got curious when I saw this Vedette sample at Sample Room. I see bloggers using them satisfyingly and I decided to get a sample so I could test it as well. 

Vedette is available in the Philippines through Diwang Adhika Enterprises and they are certified by Department of Trade and Industry. Vedette offers all natural and pampering facial care products and the word Vedette in French means a leading star of stage or screen. Their brand believes that everyone deserves to be pampered.

The Vedette Clay Facial Mask is a combination of mud and salts that brings out the brightness in our skin. Vedette offers a lot of varieties we could choose from and I got Cocoa from Sample Room. The variants available are: Cocoa, Cedrus, Olive, Quercus and Aloe and Bengkoang.

Brand: Vedette

Type: Clay Facial Mask

Variant: Cocoa

Target: Restructuring and Anti-Aging

Weight: 15ml

Product Description:

How To Use and Ingredients:


The best thing that I noticed while I was using this mask is that it amazingly lessened the blackheads on my nose effortlessly. Upon looking closely, the blackheads that are deep were the only ones left. I felt like I undergo a facial. 

Overall, my skin looked brighter and definitely cleaner. No greasiness of the skin effect and some of my pores minimized. The skin on my face and neck felt supple and smooth after washing the mud off. It leaves a little residue on skin but disappears after a few hours. 

Even though the mud is thick, it feels soothing to my skin. It did not create any cooling sensation but it feels cool when air was blown over it. (I face my airconditioner or electic fan after applying this mask, try it...the sensation of the mud on my skin feels cooler and more soothing.)

The mud is not hard to remove for washing. I did not feel any tingling sensation nor breakouts while using this clay mask.

I find the mask still effective even though I used it as a thin layer. 

Affordable if I can always stretch it up to 3 use. 


I wish that the sachet is resealable to prevent spillage and contamination of the product because I only applied a thin layer and I was able to stretch the use up to three times. I suggest that you transfer the product in a sealed container for better storage. 

I did not feel any tightening of skin while I was using the mud. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 65php

Where to buy?, Zalora and Lazada

To know more about Vedette you can visit and follow them through their social media at: 

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