Lucido-L: Hair Make Suppment For Repairing Oil For Permed Hair

Saturday, May 14, 2016


I was first introduced to Lucido-L during the first event that I attended and its actually a BDJ event. This sample was given to me by my friend, Gemma. Both of us love trying out products and sometimes we exchange items just to try it. 

The Lucido-L that she sent me is a treatment oil for permed hair. My hair is not permed but sometimes I do set it curled temporarily during events. Also, I damage my hair due to frequent dyes applied. A secret to a healthy hair is to continuously use a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments such as this one and Lucido-L can help us achieve it. 

Lucido-L came from Japan and its finally here in the Philippines. This product is designed to restore our hair and lock the moisture in to prevent dryness.

The packaging of Lucido-L has many colors and each color signifies its own use. Like for this one, its color orange and its a treatment oil for permed hair. Lucido-L offers other variants like milk for styling and leave-on oil. 

Anyway, I will now go straight to my review. Hold on my dear readers!

Brand: Lucido-L

Type: Repairing Oil for Permed Hair

Weight: 50ml

Product Description and How To Use: 



Since my hair is not permed as of the moment, I can't really test the difference of the treatment oils. However according to Lucido-L, the repair oil for permed hair maintains the bouncy curl to be soft. 

Even though this is originally designed for permed hair, it can still help restoring the damage from coloring. The target of this repair oil is to prevent or fix hair dryness. Its actually recommended for people with coarse hair and with history of damaged permed hair. (I used to curl my hair back in College and some of the damage in my hair may be due to that and add the hair dyes too! So I am still glad that I can use this even though my hair is straight right now.)

The Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement contains Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) ingredients which serves as a way to keep the moisture of the hair inside. This exists in cuticles and cortex cells to help them bond with each other. 

Its oil based but I do not find it greasy on my hair. The oil is not sticky and its easy to apply. I promise, no greasiness at all!

The oil was absorbed by my hair easily too. I like its effect on my hair in making it soft, smooth to touch and moisturized. 

The scent is sweet but smells like shampoo or conditioner and its okay to me, its not that bothering. 

My hair still looked the same after the application of oil. No added shine nor did it tamed my hair. I can only feel the difference when I felt my hair that it became smoother and softer. 


It was said that one pump may be enough but for me I used three pumps for my short but thick hair. So I guess it still depends. 


Buy again? 50% (I might buy the oil for straight hair next time.)

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 295php

Where to buy? Watson's, Department Stores.

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