L'Oreal: Dermo-Expertise Gentle Cleansing Milk

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 Philippines


I ran out of foundation three months ago and I bought the L'Oreal Foundation, I got this cleansing milk for free from my purchase. I never tried this cleansing milk before and I am curious to try it.

Usually I use liquid make-removers and this is my first time to use a milk. Its quite creamy like a moisturizer or a lotion. 

There are a lot of cleansing milks by L'Oreal and this gentle cleansing milk is designed for people with younger skin and needs a mild cleansing.

I will be sharing my review now, are you ready? 

Brand: L'Oreal

Type: Gentle Cleansing Milk

Weight: 200ml

Product Description: 



This gentle cleansing milk is moisturizing to my skin and gives natural radiance. I can see my skin glowing after use. 

It did not irritate my skin. I can use it to remove my eye makeup with no sting at all. 

The scent is floral like and reminds me of body lotion. 

I prefer using it with cotton pads to rub it in circular motion to remove my makeup. 


I find this greasy to my skin. I still want to wash my face or use a toner after using this one to remove the excess oil off my face. 

It does not remove my eye makeup completely with just one wipe. I need to repeat the process again to fully remove it and still left traces of eyeliner and mascara. 


Back To Back Look of my Cotton Pads used:

Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 395php

Where to buy? Any L'Oreal Stores. 

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