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Saturday, May 21, 2016 Philippines


With the heat of the summer, getting a tan is one of my worries. I want to maintain having a fair skin and its hard to keep it if I am frequently exposed under the sun. I am even skipping applying sunscreen because of the heat. 

After a whole day of work and exposure to heat, I just want to be under a nice and nourishing shower to rid sweat off of my body and ready for relaxing. It makes me excited to indulge myself with this new Whitening Body Cleanser from Cathy Doll. 

This product gives an instant whitening effect that lasts for at least 10 hours or until I wash it off. It solved my problem in having a hard time maintaining a fair skin during this sunny season. 

Let me now share with you my experience with Cathy Doll Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser. 

Brand: Cathy Doll

Type: Ready 2 White Body Cleanser

Weight: 450ml

Product Description: Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Body Whitening Cleanser has powerful whitening benefits. This formula is enriched with Milk protein from Korea, Vitamin C and Arbutin which create a natural radiance and help reduce the appearance of dark spots, leave a skin glowing with aura. Upon washing, Vitamin E and moisturizer provides conditioned and velvety smooth skin. Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Body Whitening Cleanser helps leave your skin ultra clean. While delivering fresh and comfortable feeling with Korean delicious multi floral scents. 

How To Use: 

1. After wet your body, apply a proper amount of Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Body Whitening Cleanser onto your hands or bath ball and massage into your skin gently. Rinse your whole body with water afterward. 

2. This product will make you have a wonderful day after use. 
*In my case, I used a bath ball to scrub gently into my skin. The gel lathered well and I left it on my skin for at least three to five minutes or until it was fully absorbed before I rinsed it off. 



It is not only a cleanser but it is also a whitening, brightening and a moisturizing body wash. My skin was nourished with its Vitamin C and E infused ingredients. It also made my skin looked brighter and whiter through its Arbutin and milk protein content. 

Its amazing because it has an instant whitening effect to my skin. I took a photo of before use and after a day of use, I shared the photo below and I you will notice the difference. 

I can say that this cleanser can be used on face too besides the body but please use it with caution to avoid any skin irritation. Test it out in a small part of your facial skin first. 

I suggest to let it be absorbed by your skin first before rinsing it out to make it more effective. I leave it for at least 3 to 5 minutes or until I can see no suds before I rinse it off.

The cleanser's consistency is gel but it is easy to lather with or without use of a bath ball. The gel leaves a residue on my skin but it does not cause any greasy feel. Since it leaves a nice residue, I can skip using body lotion because my skin remained hydrated throughout the day. 

The scent is floral and it lingers on my skin even after washing it off. 

Any skin type and color can use this body cleanser. The cleanser made me feel squeaky clean. 

I like it that the expiration date can be easily spotted on the bottle. 


The instant whitening effect is not permanent. It will last for at least 10 hours or until you wash it off. With continued use though, it can still make skin lighter permanently because it still contains Arbutin and milk. 


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 349php

Where to buy?

Watsons (SM San Lazaro, SM Fairview, SM Manila, SM Megamall, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Southmall, Robinsons Ermita, Market Market) SM Stores (Makati and Aura) and Robinsons Department Stores(Ermita, Metro East, Festival, Magnolia)

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