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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 Philippines


Due to an increased amount of workload and busy schedule at work because of my recent promotion, I knew I have to step away even just for a day to be a part of a groundbreaking event last May 17, 2016 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. I am thankful that my work allowed me to take an emergency vacation leave just so I could attend to what I am passionate about, being a beauty blogger. This includes me attending a product launch of a new brand. 

In every product launch invites that I get, I knew its going to be exciting because something new will be unfolded. The excitement is doubled because of my obsessive nature to try anything new. Just imagine my surprise and happiness when I got an invite directly from someone whom I idolize in the world of blogging, Ms. Nikki Tiu of

Ms. Nikki is the featured host of the event and the invite that I got from her is for the official launch of Cathy Doll in the Philippines. 

I can feel the excitement and joy that Ms. Nikki radiates just so we all could enjoy the activities that Cathy Doll prepared for us. I am hyped just by looking around the event! 

With Ms. Nikki Tiu of

Before I proceed to the launch of Cathy Doll let me share on how Cathy Doll started as shared by the its owners, Karmart Team and Lifestrong Staff. 

Once upon a time, KARMART set out to create something exquisite especially tailored for all dollies at heart thus creating Cathy Doll. Since Cathy Doll was established, it is now one of the leading brands in Asia that offers a Korean-inspired beauty products from Thailand. With a wide range of cosmetics, beauty accessories and skincare which span across the spectrum of personal care, girls from across the globe have come to love Cathy Doll and made the icon a part of their everyday beauty staples, featuring Cathy Doll as one of the popular brands to be highlighted on social media accounts and blogs worldwide. 

The colorful, cute, cheerful and charismatic packaging of Cathy Doll products characterize posh and dreamy girls on the lookout for the sweetest avant-garde look. Cathy Doll is a total eye candy that represents every girl's wish that includes me to pursue beauty trends that we can relate to. Besides being good to look at, Cathy Doll also guarantee to bring out the most beautiful doll in you with its effective and sometimes instantaneous results. 

All modern ladies now pursue beauty in all aspects of lives and we are constantly on the prowl for what is latest on K-Beauty. Heavily influenced by newest Korean offerings, Cathy Doll works with cosmetics research institutions and global manufacturing leaders in Korea to create beauty remedies and innovations. 

Karmart was established in 2009 as a supplier of cosmetics, skincare and daily use products, trading in its own distribution channels. In 2011, Karmart changed its name to Karmarts Public Company Limited. Within a year, 20 Karmart shops were established, 500 distributors and 1000 wholesalers across the country. Presently, Karmart own six differentiated brands namely Cathy Doll, Cathy Choo, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Reunrom and Crayon. It is now extended to Asia from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and now here in the Philippines. Yay!

Cathy Doll and Karmart will cover us from their wide range of makeup, facial and body care, hair and nail care, fragrance and beauty accessories to make sure that all dollies are perfect from head to toe and inside out. 

Back to the most awaited event, I was given a passport before I can enter the the venue. The passport served as my ticket to join the activities that Cathy Doll prepared for us. 

Opening my cute passport, there are 4 back to back pages inside that corresponds to 6 booths and a raffle entry at the event. 

I visited the booths in sequence and I started at the first booth that is called Geisha. The clue to to the game is: "The Geishas loved it and so will you, no wonder the dolls adore it too, give it a spin and you'll discover what this special house has to offer.". I got curious and I checked out on what I have to do. 

Apparently I have to spin the wheel! Its so exciting. I want every item on the wheel so I don't care which part I would get. I was able to win a Hanazakari Lip Matte Lipstick shade 4 and a Gold Eye Liner. Yahoo! 

There are five shades available and that I could choose from the Hanazakari Lip Matte line but number 4 caught my eyes. This shade reminded me of a Geisha. This matte lipstick is velvet like and has a semi-gloss formula that prevents dryness. 

Heading on to the next booth, the theme is Speed White CC Series. The clue for the game is: "You see, the dolls love to play. They sing, they dance, they love to sway. But today we chose to play the card. So please pick one and get your reward.".

This one is easy, I just have to pick a card and be surprised on what I will get! The card is not your ordinary set though, its quite big! 

I got the CC Cream on this round of activity. I am really getting excited to try out all the items that I get from each booth!

The CC Cream has 12 hours of oil control and it can cover blemishes and lighten dark spots as well as to tighten pores. The formula of CC Cream is waterproof. I wish I was able to get the powder too because it looks so nice too!

The booth 3 has a theme of Ready 2 White Series with a clue of: "Porcelain white and glistening glow. Something to make you as white as snow. Roll the dice, make sure you're ready, 'cause what you get will make you happy.".

I have to toss a box that looks like a big dice and whatever picture that I landed on, I will be able to get that item. I actually have to do this round three times because I always get the same empty spot of the box. We are all laughing already. I can't resist to have my picture taken while I was holding this mystery box. 

I was able to snatch the Ready 2 White Boosting Cream. Finally, after three tries...phew! I almost lose hope LOL. 

The Ready 2 White Series is designed for brightening, lifting, wrinkle-decreasing, blemish-removing properties. 

The booth four is themed with Snail and the clue is: "They say beauty shines from within. And it certainly reflects on your skin. But let the dolls see through and examine. Let not your patience wear thin.".

In this activity, I do not need to do anything. The skincare consultant just checked my skin to assess on what skin care I need. They got it right, I have a combination skin type. 

The item that was given to me for my combination skin type was Snail Bright for a whiter skin. 

The snail Cream is blended with finest moisturizing ingredients that guarantees a youthful look that gets better everyday. 

Booth 5 is called Splash Essence Series with the clue of "Splash, splash, splash, the dolls are having fun. You could be as radiant as the sun. A sweet and lovely thing is coming your way. So aim carefully to get the giveaway.".

In this booth, I have to shoot a ball inside a pail. I managed to shoot it on my first try and I was able to hit the price, Milky Splash Essence. 

The Milky Splash Essence is designed for instant smoothening with the power of goat milk. 

The last booth is for Water Drop Technology Sunscreen. The clue for this booth is: "Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? With a touch of magic in your hands. You sure won't need those fancy wands. The dolls will call her Miss Selca Queen. And she would get the grandest win!"

On this last round of game, I need to have my selfie taken and by the end of the event, the best picture will win a set of makeup goodies from Cathy Doll!

Its because I did take my selfie (though the picture was taken by my friend, Rochelle of, thank you for my nice shot!) and after that I got a sunscreen from them!

Photo was shot by Rochelle of

The sunscreen has l-glutathione for refreshing perfect skin. 

The set of 6 booths is no coincidence because signifies each product range of Cathy Doll that is inspired to give us the porcelain-white skin in just one application and each item is competitively priced. Nothing over 1000php!!! 

For the best selfie winner, the winner was chosen by Cathy Doll's Brand Ambassador, Ms. Kimberly Arcillas. 

I really had so much fun at the event. I was able to take some pictures with my blogger friends after the event but I am a little sad though because I was not able to take photos with the others.

With Ms. Say Tioco Artillero of

With Ms. Rochelle of

With Ms. Celline Reyes of and 
Ms. Kim Mendoza of

Congratulations to Cathy Doll, Karmart and Lifestrong Marketing Inc. for a groundbreaking and successful launch. I am glad to be a witness for this day. 

You can find Cathy Doll at Watsons (SM San Lazaro, SM Fairview, SM Manila, SM Megamall, SM Mall Of Asia, SM Southmall, Robinsons Ermita, Market Market) SM Stores (Makati and Aura) and Robinsons Department Stores (Ermita, Metro East, Festival, Magnolia). 

For more information about Lifestrong, visit:

Follow Cathy Doll on the following social media sites:
Instagram: @cathydollphils

Thank you so much for all the products that I received from both the activities and my loot bag. 

Join us and let the Doll in you come out. To my readers, which one would you like me to review first? 

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