Protect and Brighten Your Skin Instantly With Biore Perfect Bright Face Milk

Friday, April 15, 2016


If there is a one thing that hinders the reason that I do not want to use a sunscreen, it is because of its sticky feel on my skin. I was able to get this UV Perfect Bright Milk Sunscreen from the number one brand in Japan, Biore. Biore brings with us a non-sticky sunscreen that has an ultra light texture with the benefits of UV protection and brightening effect and it has a matte finish. 

It comes in a thin, pinkish liquid that glides on my skin and absorbs very quickly leaving no sticky feel! It has a maximum sun protection of SPF50+ that protects from harmful UVB rays that cause sunburns and PA++++ that protects from UVA rays which cause premature aging. 

Now, we can have a rosy finish and radiant glow just by using sunscreen. Besides that, it also contains ultra fine light correction powder that can cover pores. Amazing, right? It is even water proof and sweat proof. Its perfect for the summer season!

Use Biore Perfect Bright Face Milk for brighter days ahead because your face MATTE-rs!!!

Full product review will be posted soon. To know more about Biore, you can visit their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter @biorephl and Instagram @bioreph. 

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