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Sunday, April 24, 2016


Have you tried an organic bleaching soap? This is my first time to use an organic one and I am pleased to share my review about it. Remember, bleaching soaps should be used with care and we should use tried and tested soaps because its our skin's future that we are entrusting here. 

Before I share my review though, how does the bleaching soap really work? Bleaching soaps primarily acts as a skin lightening soap. It evens out skin discoloration and improves the over-all complexion due to its combined ingredients. Since it lightens the skin, it also reduces the dark pigments that are usually stubborn to treat. It also exfoliates the top layers of skin for a brighter look and it decreases the production of melanin, thus reaching a healthier looking skin. 

I already shared a little background for a bleaching soap so I will now proceed for my detailed review.  

Brand: Holly Sorbet

Type: Black Pearl Bleaching Soap

Weight: 150g

Product Description: Holly Sorbet Naturals' Organic version of Bleaching soap. Enriched with Natural Marine Minerals that nourishes the skin's integrity and slows down the signs of aging with its detoxifying properties. 



The soap is organic! I can say that it is safe to use everyday. It has a mild scent and it does not irritate my skin. I did not experience any break-outs too.

Let us discuss the benefits and the effects I experienced with this soap in accordance to its ingredients. 

The soap when I used it lathers a lot so I knew that this bar will last me long. The reason that it can produce a great amount of lather suds is due to its ingredient, saponified oil. 

The Saponified oil mainly consists of coconut oils and it is the ingredient used for organic products. This oil works as a cleanser of the skin and also as a moisturizer because it retains the skin's hydration. My skin did not developed any dryness even after with continued use. It did not cause any greasiness either.

I left the suds on my skin for a few minutes for it to take effect before I washed it off. While the suds were drying, I felt this tightening stretch of my skin as well as a mild tingling sensation. It did not bother me though because it just means that the soap does it job on my skin. The skin firming is due to the ingredient Black Pearl. Black pearl came from the sea and its the most expensive type of pearl. Its powder if used as a part of skincare ingredient mainly consists of Calcium and collagen. The Black pearl nourishes the skin with its minerals. Even after a few hours, my skin retained its suppleness.

After washing off the soap, my skin looked brighter and my pores looked smaller. I have acne breakouts lately and my pimples dried after using this soap once. Yes once! These effects are due to the benefits of the glycerin. Glycerin removes dirt and clears clogged pores. The glycerin is usually used as an ingredient for treating acne too. If you will observe closely, you can see glycerin on most skin care products. I checked my skin closely in the mirror and I am happy with its healthy look. It has this clean, brighter complexion and I even noticed a slight glow on my cheeks and nose. 

Thanks to the ingredient Arbutin, it also added to the benefit of making my skin looked more brighter and healthier. It is a whitening ingredient that is similar to Glutathione. Unlike the glutathione though, arbutin is derived from plants. Arbutin inhibits melanin production which leads to the improvement of our skin's complexion. For the dark pigments already present on my skin though, I did not see an immediate lightening yet but I believe it can work if I continue using it because Arbutin takes effect in a long-term usage. 

The last main ingredient which is milk is already a known effective skin care product even during the medieval times. Milk helps skin to be softer and smoother and I did experience this feeling. I love feeling my skin every after wash because it feels smooth, soft and yet supple. 


Since it contains Arbutin as an ingredient and it is a bleaching soap, sunscreen use is vital to make it more effective and to also protect it. The top layer of our skin exfoliates during the use of this soap, if we do not use a sunscreen during this time, it exposes the skin to UV. I also suggest to avoid direct sunlight exposure. 

It has a saponified form of oil that most organic soaps uses but it has the effect of making the soap soft. Handle this soap with care since it can easily be damaged. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 135php

Where to buy? Instagram - @holly_sorbet

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