BYS Cosmetics: Tinted Moisturizer in Sand Beige

Sunday, April 3, 2016


BYS Cosmetics has their own tinted moisturizer and it contains more product than the usual tinted moisturizers. 

The brand BYS that is an Australian brand is now available in the Philippines, we can easily locate it at SM Beauty Section and Watson's Department Store. 

Now, I will share my review about it. 

Brand: BYS Cosmetics

Type: Tinted Moisturizer

Shade: Sand Beige (03)

Weight: 40ml

Product Description: No indicated on packaging.



It contains more product than usual amount of tinted moisturizers.

The tinted moisturizer is still sealed tightly upon opening. 

The consistency is a light weight cream that feels like an ordinary moisturizer when applied. It is easy to spread and be absorbed by the skin. The tinted moisturizer gives a natural glowing skin look. (Photo below)

Since it is tinted, it has a little coverage for my skin. It evened out some uneven discoloration on my skin though. 

I did not experience any breakouts in using this tinted moisturizer.

The scent is light and reminds me of an Olay moisturizer. 


It does not have a UV protection. I need to use a separate sunblock before using this moisturizer unless I will use it at night. 

It has a minimal coverage. The tinted moisturizer does not last long, I prefer to use it as a base makeup instead. 


With blush applied. 

Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: I haven't checked it out yet. 

Where to buy? Watsons', SM Beauty Section Department Store.

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