W. Lab: Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack

Sunday, February 28, 2016


When I was given credits to shop at Althea as a Beta Tester, I saw that this Pore Tightening Pack is an editor's choice. I also saw that it is on sale and its at almost 50% off so this was the first thing that I added on my cart. 

W. Lab is another Korean brand that caters cosmetics and skin care products. Besides this best seller Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack, they are also known for their Snail Repair Whitening Cream, BB Creams and cleansing oils. 

I am curious because I saw the product description of this at Althea Store and it seems effective in making the pores smaller. 

I just took some photos and I used it right away...the suspense of checking it out if it is effective is already killing me! Without further ado, I am now proceeding to my in-depth review. 

Brand: W. Lab

Type: Pore Tightening Pack

Weight: 70ml

Product Description: Unfortunately, every part of the box is written in Korean. I will just share what I learned about it from Althea's website. 

According from Althea's website, this Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack is the epitome of poreless and flawless white skin that you will feel like being reborn into a vampire. It is stated that you can observe the change after 10 minutes of use. Besides making the pores smaller, it also removes black heads and dead skin cells. It also makes the skin lift.

Ingredients: It is also written in Korean. 

I was able to search the ingredients though from q-depot.com. Here is the screenshot of the ingredients from their website:

How To Use: Clean and wash your face first then apply an even amount of the Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack directly on the skin. Avoid the eye area and mouth. Leave it on for at least 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off with water. 


I am so obsessed with my skin lately, I think I consume more skin care products over makeups since last year. I think it is because in two years I will be turning 30 and my vanity strikes in. 

I accept that I am getting older and older every year but I still want to have the glowing skin of a young lady. I see celebrities aging gracefully and I wanted to be just like them. I want to age gracefully and I can achieve that by taking care of my skin everyday...yes everyday. 

Besides the usual skin care, I want to add a pore tightening pack in my routine and I am starting with this W. Lab Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack. 

Upon opening the tube, it is still sealed tightly, yay!

I was surprised that the liquid is water based. I was expecting something thicker. Its a good thing though because I was able to spread it into my skin easily. The product is unscented so people who are sensitive to scented items will love this one. 

The cream easily dried so I have to be quick, I can also feel it drying on my finger so even my finger gets to enjoy the pore tightening pack. LOL. 

While the product is drying, I can feel a tightening and lifting of my skin which only means that this products proves to be effective. To think the 10-15 minutes is not yet reached and I can already feel the changes. 

Do not be afraid though, the tightening is intense that I find it hard to speak or make expressions on my face. I read from Althea and q-depot that this is normal for the product. 

It is easy to remove by just rinsing of water. It is actually smooth, I just rubbed circles on my skin with water, no need for additional help of soap. 

I love the feeling of my skin after use, its supple and smooth. I also observed when I looked closely in the mirror that my pores looked smaller. Overall, my face looks brighter too. I did not experienced any breakouts. 

I am so satisfied with my experience that I plan to maintain it for my skin care routine. To see the visible results, check out my before and after photos below. 

Cons: Other than it is hard to find this brand and product besides Althea, I find no other problems. 


This is what the Black Kill Pore Tightening looks like when dry, it looks like cracked skin:

Observe that half of my skin with the dry pore pack looks stretched compared to half of my face without the product. I took this photo after my 15 minutes application.

My skin looked brighter and supple. It has a little lifting effect that can be seen after one use. This is a photo of before and after use:

My pores became smaller after one use. Check out a close up of my pores before and after use: 

Are you convinced now by seeing my photos? It is a new holy grail for me! I love it and I will continue using it. I feel like that if I continue using this religiously, I may be able to achieve the skin that most vampires have in movies...forever young and flawless! 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: I got it as 530php from Althea but the regular price is 1120php.

Where to buy? www.ph.althea.kr

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