Skin Need Natural Condition System: Brightening And Whitening

Monday, February 15, 2016


During the Healthy Skin Magazine and Skin Perfection collaboration event last year, I was able to receive a trial set together with my gift certificate of oxygen therapy. 

There are three kinds of trial sets namely Brightening and Whitening, Acne Skin Purifying and Rejuvenating and Anti-Aging. I chose the brightening and whitening. The set includes 4 steps of skin care and it lasted one month to me. I started using it after having my Skin Perfection Facial done. I wanted to maintain my skin after the facial. 

According from the packaging, "The trial set is designed for natural skin care to treat all skin types especially for maintenance after an invasive and clinical procedures. The Skin Need Natural Condition System offers all naturally-derived and comfortable formulas to purify, balance, nourish, and protect the skin. Ideally used with Skin Perfection Dermatological Formulations and Skin Expert Clinical System, Skin Need is composed of the following basic skin care procedure: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Sunblock. 

Through fore-front pharmacology and biochemistry research, the Skin Need Natural Condition System is the result of combined effort in the fields of dermatology, molecular biology, genetics, and nutrition to prompt dramatic improvement in skin coloration, texture, elasticity, and overall skin health, when used in conjunction with prescription-grade Skin Perfection Dermatological Formulations corrective treatments."

Skin Need is made from USA and they are the brand that most Dermatological Clinics use in doing facials. Let me now share my experience with this trial set and I wish that I can show you properly on my photos below on the improvement of my skin. I will share my reviews according to the sequence of the skin care. 

Brand: Skin Need

Type: Brightening and Whitening

Included on Set: Lightening Cleanser, Lightening Toner, Placenta Cream Base, UV Perfect Snow White SPF40

Weight: 20ml per tube

Product Description:  


The cleanser on this set is for lightening. The lightening cleanser is a natural gel cleanser that removes impurities and can be used for dry, normal and sensitive skin. 

Product Description: A botanically derived moderate foam cleanser to naturally lighten and brighten dry skin. Allergy-tested and suitable for sensitive skin. Amphiphilic property to remove oil as well as water based make-up for a thorough and comfortable cleansing effect. Dermatologist-developed. Hydrates and conditions as it cleanses and leaves the skin refreshed and renewed. Preps the skin for moisturizing and corrective actions of serums and creams. 

Ingredients and uses:

Rose Hip Seed Extract - heals wounds, and treats stressed skin with an ultra soothing effect
Olive Extract - rich in glycerides that soften and nourish the skin, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines
Kumquat  Extract - rich in anti-oxidizing vitamins A and C, accelerates cell turnover to brighten and bring radiance to skin. 

How To Use: 

Use twice daily. Place a pea-sized drop onto palms. Lather between palms with tepid water. Massage over face and throat in an upward and circular motion. Rinse, and pat dry. Repeat until all makeup removed if applicable. 


I prefer using gels or foams as cleansers because I do not want the residue feel left on skin when I use cream-based cleansers. Since it is gel based, it does not lather much but a drop or two is enough to cleanse my entire face. 

My skin felt clean, smooth and subtle after use. It did not make my skin dry after use. The scent is mild which is great. I did not experience any breakouts too.


There is no expiration date noted on packaging but according to the insert, the product should be used within 9 months since it was first opened. 



The toner for this set is for lightening. The lightening toner is alcohol free and oil free that is suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin. 

Product Description: Alcohol and oil free to filter remaining impurities on the skin while balancing the skin's pH level to help better absorb the next products in line. Dermatologist-developed. Cushions skin for increased suppleness. Primes skin for the next step. 

Ingredients and Uses:

Aloe Vera Extract - Balances and tones the skin while soothing skin sensitivity
Wheat Amino Acid - an emollient to nourish dry skin with its high water-binding ability, while softly and gently filtering impurities of the skin
Seaweed Extract - conditions and hydrates the skin while strengthening the skin's protective barrier; maintains the rate of cutaneous hydration without making the skin greasy

How To Use: 

Use twice daily. After cleansing, pat on to cleansed skin with a cotton pad on a gentle upward motion until fully absorbed. Avoid eye area. 


This toner is 100% alcohol and oil free. Most toners that I use can be drying to skin but this one made my skin moisturized. 

There is no irritating scent that most toners have. There is no stinging sensation on fresh acne on my skin. No break-outs noted.


There is no expiration date noted on packaging but according to the insert, the product should be used within 9 months since it was first opened. 

It easily dries on the cotton pad that the tendency is I have to re-apply a drop or two on the pad again to fully apply it on my entire face. This is the first product that I consumed on the sampler set. 



The moisturizer is a Placenta Cream Base. This cream is designed to refresh the skin and is suitable for normal, combination and dry skin type. 

Product Description: A light smoothing salve enriched with nutrients and natural humectants to provide refreshing nourishment to the skin. Contains strong anti-oxidizing agents to defense the skin against aging and preserve the skin's vitality. Mineral oil-free formulation for healthier and brighter skin. Dermatologist-developed. Instantly pumps skin's hydration level. Restores skin's soft texture. 

Ingredients and Use:

Wheat Placenta - stimulates cellular regeneration and has an anti-oxidizing properties to combat free radicals in the skin
Sugar Beet Molasses - rich in nutrients to replenish the skin with nourishment for growth and regeneration.
Olive Oil Unsaponiables - the most precious fraction of olive oil, containing the most active ingredients of the oil, has nourishing properties and a daily silky smooth sensation on the skin.
Rice Germ Extract - moisturizes the skin and maintains the rate of cutaneous hydration without a greasy sensation

How To Use:

Use twice daily. Apply salve onto skin in an upward circular motion until fully absorbed. Follow with Sunblock in AM. This moisturizer is usually applied after serums because it seals the moisture and nutrients. Blend with 100% Squalane or Vitamin E for more nourishing results.


For a moisturizer, it is non greasy! Yay! The cream is not thick so it is easy to spread but it is absorbed quickly by the skin. I tend to apply more creams for my entire face to be covered. 

The scent is light. The moisturizer is silicon and mineral oil free. No break-outs noted. My skin looked refreshed and brighter the next day after washing off with the cleanser. 

This moisturizer is perfect to use after applying serum because serums tend to get greasy and sticky on skin but it disappears after I apply this moisturizer. It sealed off the serum and the soft, fresh feel of the moisturizer is all that I can feel. 


There is no expiration date noted on packaging but according to the insert, the product should be used within 9 months since it was first opened. 

This is the second tube that I fully consumed, the cream is thin and easy to spread but it dries easily before I can fully spread it on my entire face. 



The sunblock is the UV Perfect Snow White with SPF 40. It is suitable for all skin types with instant lightening and brightening effects.

Product Description: Conceals flaws such as scarring and hyper-pigmentation. Non-comodogenic, paraben-free, additive-free. Dermatologist-developed. Physical UV protection recommended by FDA. Lightweight formula that can be used everyday. Delivers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Ingredients and Use:

Titanium Dioxide - FDA recommended physical ultra-violet ray reflector that provides broadband protection from UVA and UVB, non irritant and suitable for all skin types
Mandarin Extract - a skin emollient with brightening and smoothing properties
Arbutin - neutralizes discoloration of the skin for a more balanced skin tone
Squalane - a superb moisturizer that nourishes the skin as a key defense against skin aging

How To Use: Use during daytime. Apply after moisturizer. May re-apply frequently after swimming, toweling off and perspiring or apply every 2 to 3 hours.


This is my favorite from all the set. It is a sunblock that does not smell like a typical sunblock. The cream is also thin and light on skin. It can also act as a base before I applied my makeup because it does not interfere with the liquid foundation. Actually, my skin looked pore less after I applied this sunblock, it worked like a BB Cream but without any tints. 

I like that the sunblock contains Arbutin so I know that it also gives nourishment and a brightening/whitening effect on my skin. 


There is no expiration date noted on packaging but according to the insert, the product should be used within 9 months since it was first opened. 

I hope you can appreciate the photos because it is hard to find a spot and same lighting of before and after photos but if you can observe, my skin improved from dull to a healthier skin. However, the dark spots still remained. I think I will need other treatment for that. I used this set solely for a month until fully consumed. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5 (My favorites are the sunblock and moisturizer.)

Price: I tried asking the Skin Perfection for the price of this sampler or their full-sized items but I got no reply. 

Where to buy? Try their clinics accredited, ask directly on their Facebook page here. To know more about the brand Skin Need, you can go to their main website here

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