MySlim: Yerba Mate Drink in Strawberry Flavor (Sachet)

Monday, February 8, 2016


Drinking detoxification drinks had always been a problem of mine, why? First, it is because of the taste. I am not a fan of vegetable drinks nor juiced food famously being used for detox. Second, it is because detoxification drinks can be quite expensive. 

Detoxification is a great way to jump start losing weight. I have always been insecure of my body weight, but I admit that it is also hard to keep up in losing weight. When I control my food, I tend to be cranky and light-headed specially when I am at work because working as a nurse takes a lot of my energy. I tried working out in a gym two years ago and it worked for me however I was not able to maintain it. 

Now it seems that Vidanutriscience made it possible for me to try detoxifying with a powdered sachet drink. The Yerba Mate Drink is strawberry flavored. Amazing, right? It looks like an ordinary juice to me. 

I started using it last week, hence my share of review today.  Let me now share with you my experience. 

Brand: mySlim

Type: Sachet

Flavor: Strawberry

Weight: 32g

Product Description: 


Suggested Use: 

At least two to three times a week, preferably at night according to resources but I suggest you take it on mornings because it can disrupt your sleep. 

My Experience:

Beware readers because you may find it gross but I want to share my experience with the juice. I tried Xenical before and my experience with mySlim is somehow the same.

I am on my night shift when I decided to drink one sachet. After my night shift, I am on my day-off so I thought it would be a great idea to start drinking it while I am half-way done on my shift. It was a bad decision though. 

My shift started at 10PM and I drank it at 1:30AM. Around 3:30 to 4AM, I can feel a little discomfot on my tummy and at exactly 4:30AM (three hours since I drank the drink), I did pass my first loose stool that it reminded me of my experience in using Xenical. After that, I did not experience any discomfort and I felt comfortable and light. 

I thought that it was already over but around 6AM, I felt another discomfort and at exactly 6:30AM, I have to go...again! To think, it is exactly 2 hours since my last. Again, it is loose. After this episode, the discomfort in my tummy remained unlike the first one. I continued to pass loose stool for two more episodes after 2 to 3 hours again at home. In total, it is 4 episodes for the day. 

I observed too that after taking one drink, my appetite and cravings decreased a little and I appreciate that. Besides that feeling and the last episode of loose stool, my day turned to normal again. 

I am still observing on how fast the weight loss will be while also using the other mySlim products that I have. In order to review it better, I did not do any exercise nor controlled my food intake.


I find the drink affordable. One sachet costs 69php and to think if I will only take it at maximum of 3 nights, that is only 207php per week and around 621php per month. Not bad, right?

I also love the flavor, it tastes like a regular strawberry juice. The taste reminded me of candies but melted. 

I find it effective in making me detoxify. I really felt clean and light after use. I am very happy with my experience. I am grateful to receive a trial set. I did not feel any other side effects besides the tummy discomfort, losing appetite and passage of loose stools. 

The mySlim Yerba Mate is made sugar free and the ingredients are: 

Isomalt (Platinose) - sugar used for energy drinks
Sucralose - no calorie sweetener
Yerba Mate Leaf Extract - contains a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants
L-Carnitine - reduces fat mass
Citric Acid - anti-oxidants that controls acid balance

Cons: It needs to be taken at the comfort of your home. Just to be sure. It is a little hard to find one on markets. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 69php per sachet

It is also available in some pharmacies like Mercury Drug. 

To know more about mySlim:

Instagram: @myslimdetox
Twitter: @myslimdetox

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